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Jadi gue iseng-iseng buat buka pertanyaan apa aja ke siapa aja, terus nanti bakal gue jawab. Dengan Cuma ngirim

“(name), can I get 3 questions from you. Ask me 3 things u wanna know from me and I’ll try to answer it. (emot) Feel free to ask”

I sent it to everyone. Well, not everyone like EVERYONE in my contact. Everyone asked me, why? For what? What happened? they were shocked. I told them it’s just for fun, there is no intention. Some of them replied, and the rest did not open it. Damn!! why do I have to write ‘feel free to ask’… a trapped. So here we go… Random question, from random people, enjoy!

Hal apa yang paling berat di alami dalam hidup?
Gak bisa mutusin mana yang terberat. Kenyataannya sekarang juga masih sehat-sehat aja. Artinya yang udah lewat toh ya lewat juga, masih bisa dilewatin. Setiap kali dapet masalah terus yaelah gue mesti gimana nih?? Terus masalah selesai, oh yaudah. Gitu aja terus sampe seumur hidup ya kan? Cuma ya kemaren emang sempet berjuang banget sama TA, sama dead line kelulusan. Ntah apa lagi didepan yang berat? Bersiap aja, santai-santai… Bukannya hidup emang gitu, bakal lebih berat lebih berat dan lebih berat?

Tell me what u think about me when u meet me for the first time?
It was at a Festival. Accidentally we met when my friends and I wanted to play a VR game. I thought you are older than me haha I was wrong, you are younger than us, shitt! I was afraid of course, you and your friends were the strangers. We will be kidnapped hahaha yes you took us to McD, oh my God hahahaha I was thinking about a night club but McD???? oke it is not bad lah Lol

Hal bahagia apa yang pernah dialami?
Bahagia terus sih ya wkwk Mau nyebutin yang mana ampe bingung. Canda… Gak ada yang lebih bahagia selain bisa bahagia sama kalian, sedaaaaaapp. Eh tapi ini serius. Hal paling berharga bisa ketemu sama kalian-kalian yang beraneka ragam dan rupa ini. Once you get in, there’s no turning back! Kehadiran dan pertemuan itu hal berharga terutama individunya.

Kpan kito harus berbalik arah dalam mengejar sesuatu? apo b tando2nyo?
Mengejar sesuatu? maksudnya mimpi kali yah, okeeh. Disaat gue ngerasa udah gak mampu lagi alias gue rasa kalo gue lanjut gue cuma memaksakan keinginan gue doang. Itu tanda nyata kalo gue harus stop! Toh Tuhan mungkin emang bilang ‘udah jangan kesini, kesana aja’. Kadang emang kita nya aja jadi orang tuh ngeyel. Ya berusaha lah sampai kamu rasa cukup usahamu. Kalo kamu berbalik arah, bukan karena salah, bukan kalah atau menyerah, cuma emang Tuhan nunjukin jalan sebenarnya dan harus tetap dikejar, kearah yang sebaliknya. Paling penting, yang tadinya salah terus bisa jadi bener, jangan sebaliknya.

Lu kapan nikah?
hahaha gue masih nunggu yang mau nikahin gue, PUAS lo! Orang yang nanya mesti dateng kalo gue nikahan, plus kadoin gue paket honeymoon ke tempat impian gue, gak mau tahu.

Teganggu dak dg kehadiran kk wen?
Sama sekali enggak. Ganggu tuh kalo orangnya sok segalanya, sombong parah padahal juga cuma manusia biasa yang kalo laper juga butuh makan ya kan? Yaudah kalo gitu kita semua sama wkwk Gak usah sok belagak ibu peri deh, basi!

Kalo dunia tinggal satu hari, pengen ngapain?
Pengen makan tomyam mak Yati sampe sepuasnya ya Allah, mandi kuah tomyam juga gak apa kalik yah, kasian amat.

What is the extreme thing that you ever have?
Tattoo. I got it since I was born, I hate it but I don’t want to remove it because it will help my mom easier to find me if I lost.

Bram udah kurus blm?
B e l o m. byee!!

What’s your dream?
To be a supermodel that can wear the most expensive cute bikini and take a selfie then post in on my Instagram. How? Insane? Oke… I wanna be myself in a better version. Whenever and whoever needs my help I’ll be available to help. Am I super hero? yes I am Ironlady hahaha wish

Main ke jawa lagi kapan?
Mau dong yuk lah beliin tiket pesawatnya PP, hotel dan transport sama ditanggung makan? Cuma Djarum yang bisa melakukannya aah sudahlah. Pasti main kok, cuma tak tahu kapan hmm… Nanti  full service ya mam.

Do you have any weird hobbies?
I love to play with my navel before I sleep wkwk weird??? One in a million I guess.

What is your life goals for 10 years ahead?
get a job, travel the world, marry someone who loves me more, focus on my future family coz they need me more. I do not want to be selfish, and woman should not do! To prevent the emergence of the next A*karin and whoever the hell bitch on this earth!

What is your weakness?
I trust someone easily. I really don’t like having bad thoughts first before know it. Even if he/she had a problem with anyone else, as long as not with me, I don’t care. But, once you break it, I don’t give a fuck, no second chance, sorry.

How can you reach your goals? What is your mission?
Allah will help, do not worry about anything. If you can, just do it. If you fail, it’s not yours. Simple. I wanna make this world a better place for homeless, jobless, orphans, jomblo ngenes, everyone, we are all human, nothing special. So they have enough love and share it to anyone else.

Where what, and with whom u see ur self in 3 years later?
Do you mean a husband? Maybe Ironman, hmm kinda cool. In Malibu, well I’m the happiest and the most wanted girl in the world. Everyone will try to kill me and steal mine hmm fine…..

Wenni masih baik dg kk karena aposih, apakah karena kasihan?
Karena orang baik pantas untuk diperlakukan baik.

What encouraged u to wear hijab?
haha 2 of you asked me the same question. Well, I am a Muslim, my bad I did not realize it earlier, but that’s fine. I’ve read an article that if a woman  doesn’t cover her aurat (all body) the prayer will be rejected. So, I don’t know and nobody knows, let say all my prayer was rejected, but I don’t want it anymore. I try to be better me. See? God did the part to show me the way.

How many relationships u got in total till now and tell some details about them?
7 times. Well, all of them r boys, enough? I am totally normal ya stup haha

Lastly being part of Indo society particularly Muslim one, what is ur role you think you hv to do it without anyone telling u?
The man behind this question will be kidnapped within a day!!! ASAP, I wanna help people, so my children should not see evil in human version in this world. I will ask Ironman to help me to do this haha Oooopss I am serious.

What r u studying?
Information System under Faculty of Computer Science so I know about algorithm, coding, and whatever the hell it is that can make you asking for poison while doing the project.

Hal termemalukan selama aktivitas atau interaksi bareng beswan?
Pelor. Gue tuh yang nempel molor banget. Sebagai wanita Saya merasa gagal nak hikss… Yasudah lah yah toh semua orang kan juga butuh tidur.

If u get 10 million dollars what will u do first from this money?
hahahaha amiiiiinn, I will take  a selfie first of course. Show off that I am rich and kill all stupid girls in this world hahaha do not do this at home!

Who are you? The real you where nobody knows but you?
I am a princess from jahanam wkwk… r u happy??? you have to understand my word! Gue tuh cuek kelihatannya, padahal mah aslinya melow, baperan. diluar sok tegar. Gak suka kalo ada yang semena-mena, penyayang loh ini haha ada yang ngerasa gak?

R u in relationship?
Here I wanna tell you all. If you mean a relationship of two people, I don’t agree. I have someone who cares for me. Like I said, If you are nice to me I will be nice to you. You treat me like a friend then I will treat you like my family. I’ve changed my mind and have my own comprehension of a relationship. I am not yours and You are not mine, that’s how it works on me, now… Well it’s not marriage. Everyone can love me or hate me, up to you. This is our life do anything that makes you happy. You got it?

When you falling in love for the first time? With?
when I was in elementary school. No wonder how bad our generation nowadays wkwk yasudah lah ya… not to mention.

what is the most embarrassing moment u ever faced in your life?
first, I have myopic eyes. One day I met someone who looks alike my friend. Then I called her. Unfortunately, my voice is too loud I am sure everyone can hear me. But when I realized she wasn’t my friend I wanna kill myself ya Allah…..
Second, I went to a mall with my friends and entered a shop. He wanted to buy a headphone. I tried some of them, a good one. My fool, I was singing and yelling out loud that the entire shop stared at me and laughed. The Second time I wanna drink poison.

What is ur opinion abt Malaysia n Malaysian?
Malaysia? To be honest, before I come and stay, I didn’t really get into the country. I found many things, most of them are bad things that will make Indonesian ‘ hate ‘ this country. until I stayed for 5 months and you can imagine I want to go back, just because I heard someone speaks Malay. I miss every single thing in there. Tomyam, arked meranti, ayam madu, bas, I found my family there, you know someone couldn’t stay far and away from the family. Malaysian hmm some of them are my fav, I love to hear they speak Malay, nothing but just I love to hear it wkwk but maybe you hate it left? But yeahh evil and angel are live side by side haha Do you agree?

Ngupil dpn umum atau kentut dpn umum?
Ngupil hahaha kalo kentut diem-diem kayak kalian semua suci gue penuh dosa…

What is the most goal of your life in this dunia and u would do every possible way to get it?Of course the happiness of the people I love. What is the point if you’re happy but people around you suffer, they could not feel the same way. I will give my best for them, as long as I’m with them, I will not let something bad happen to them. They all are the reason I’m on this earth, they are my responsibility. I hope I can help not only my family my friends but every human being.

Whats ur fav color?
Blue. Dark blue. Feel like I am the galaxy, free, extensive, the place for planet star and dust, but dangerous. No one can measure it and no one knows what’s in it.

Org gak tau sebenernya aku itu org yang?
Cengeng, manja, sering marah-marah. Kayak buat hal sepele aja gue baper, sedih. Tapi kalo sama masalah berat gue sok yang nyantai terus tenang banget, aneh.

Dari beswan 30 siapa yang paling lo suka dan paling gak lo suka? Alesan!
Pertanyaan kampret. Ini gue sendiri yang jadinya kejebak ya kan. Pasti dia kalo inget-inget pertanyaan ini bahagia dan seneng sendiri. YA KAN?? yang paling gak gue suka? bukan gak suka sampe matik dan sampe akhirat gitu ya kan, gue bukan tipe orang pembenci banget banget. paling juga besok udahan lupa, gue pelupa (read: baik hati, bodo amat). Ada anak di grup yang suka caper dan sering garing haha tapi tetep aja dia bisa jadi beswan heran… dari RSO Jakarta. Dia baik kok dan dia seringnya di bully sih, I am sure you know him yaaaaa, I can’t mention here. mikir-mikir deh siapa orang nya, anak beswan kan cerdas wkwk
Kalo orang yang gue suka? Banyak! Either dia cakep, rapih, pinter atau supel sih paling. mention, anak bogor, anak jogja, anak bandung, anak malang. Selama kegiatan sih cuma ketemu itu doang rasanya. Tapi yang paling ya? hmmm gak ada yang sampe gue mimpiin sama baperin juga. Ini jujur loh, lo harus percaya. But to be honest I like your style, kinda cute guy with the glasses. Sok cool sih nih cowok, aslinya apa ya? Kalo gak salah kita belum pernah ngobrol langsung ya gak sih? Lol apa gue lupa? tuh kan gue pelupa maafin yak!
pls abis ini jangan hujat gue karena ngejawab pertanyaan si qaqa gaul ini. Just for fun.

When are u coming back again to UTM?
hahahahaha make me blushing. Thank God, there is someone at least one wkwk who wants to meet me. I don’t know but my plan is we all will see each other again and again again, bcoz I have no reason to let you all go. No. Right after I get my job here or there, sooner or later, I can’t wait that time hikss.

Apa yang lo benci dari seorang Mur?
Belom nemu sih ya, coba lo tunjukin gue mesti benci lo dari sisi mana coba hahaha I just hate you and your glasses, enough? wkwk

Describe briefly about your personality?
Forgetful. reckless. strong. kindhearted. walking fastly. eating slowly. flexible. open-minded. No heart feeling.

Something you regret that you did?
I love someone who does not deserve it!! BIG MISTAKE but you I don’t really regret it. I was happy, I WAS. Should I blame God to give such shitty things? No God is always right, the person is fucking asshole. I hate this kind of person, pls God just send him to Jahanam haha useless…

Ngapo yuk wenni makan banyak tapi dak gemuk2?
Oh dear, don’t you see my belly hmm….. tak tahu mengapah mungkin kalo gue gemuk gue bakal diusir dari rumah karena makan gue banyak ngabisin beras hahaha tapi sebenernya pengen juga gemukan, apasih rasanya kalo pake baju sempit sampe kancing bajunya lepas gegara lemak dimana-mana hahahah gadeeeeehh canda… This is my type and I love it. I am sexy the way I am. Gak suka size up either atas bawah depan belakang Lol

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