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Don’t Be AfrAIDS! — P-BoX HIV/AIDS Youth Conference

guys, I recommend you a great workshop which have to be attended by all of you


Don’t Be AfrAIDS! —
P-BoX HIV/AIDS Youth Conference

Host: AIESEC LC Bandung

Type: meeting – convention

Network: Global

Time and Place :

31 January 2009
09:30 – 16:30
Audio Visual Parahyangan University
Bandung, Indonesia

Contact Info

Dea 08562221969


This is the opening part of P-BoX HIV AIDS AIESEC LC Bandung “Dont Be AfrAIDS!!”

Target audience : 300 people, with detail
* 17.5% AIESEC members & Exchange participants (come from other countries)
* 75% representatives from varsities (BEM, HIMA, BSOs from Padjadjaran University,
Parahiyangan University, and Institute Technology in Bandung) and 6 top high schools
* 7.5% from public figure, infected people, key witness (people with high risk to be
infected), people in rehab, sponsors, NGO & Government as peer educators..

The event consists of :
1. Illuminations about HIV/AIDS by NGOs, Government & External Speaker,
2. Two times forum group discussions about basic info of AIDS, facts & prejudice,
3. Sharing by infected people, people in rehab, key witness, and
4. Watching films and video documentary about AIDS while enjoying free snacks
5. Certificates given in the end of the conference…

P-BoX HIV AIDS will afffect for more than 2.500 adolescents and adults in the whole four months
events, consist of:
! AIESEC’s members (local and
! Government
! NGOs
! Public figures
! Student from varsities
! Student from high schools
! Infected people
! High risk infected people
! Other public age 16-35


1. Meet & share with trainees from different region (exchange participants) and countries. Your can see the INTERNATIONALISM with this event,
2. Meeting & Discussing with more people in wider scope to your university: High School students, college students, teachers, NGOs, government (Health Deparment), financial partner, ODHA, trainees from other country (Exchange Participant).
3. A chance to increase your awareness about HIV/AIDS Problem and fight against the stigma among HIV/AIDS issue,
4. Socialize drug abuse and free sex prevention,
5. Train brainstorming ability, arguing capability and a chance to find new perspectives
6. GET THE Free Extras : Lunch
6. GET THE Free Extras : Certificate,
6. GET THE Free Extras : doorprizes,
6. GET THE Free Extras : snacks and drinks (cofee break),
6. GET THE Free Extras : quizzes

but ALL OF U CAN attend these conference (as long as u r fast in registering your name, because it is LIMITED for 170 until 200 people)

There will be no CHARGE for attending the conference and any extras, so IT’S FREE!!

Seriously guys, dont just join through facebook, but attend the conference!

The certificate will be directly owned by the participant right after the event!
That’s why, dont forget to REGISTER your name..

ONCE AGAIN, hurry to REGISTER your name, because it’s limited yet it’s FREE for the EXTRAS and EVENT,, there are the people u can contact for registration:

08562221969 (Dea),
081931334480 (Kishi), or..
dateng aja ke stand2 kita di ITB, Unpad, Unpar..

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