Buddy, is it a kind of dog’s name?

cool, i have been in a same room with person from other country! we called it diversity right? not just one foreigner like in our english class, but it 3!

guys, i’m already met my buddy. his name is albert. he came from swedia and has been live in Indonesia for one year. he is a kind person. first time he met me-marsha-and koko, he was excited. he kissed marsha’s hand with a prince gesture. haha, kinda funny.

when marsha introduced me as his new buddy, he said that he will love me as he love marsha. he always tell jokes. he’s kinda an easygoing guy. he can speaks a lil bahasa. he said that “saya mau pulang swedia.” marsha asked him ” kenapa?” and he told us ” gak punya duit.” hahaha.

he asked my name again, i said ” putu”. when he tried to spell my name, cecilia-EP from bolivia and Jenifer-EP from germany laughed at him. he asked my mobile phone number and took a picture of me. haha. he’s really a funny guy. he told us that he love me more when marsha told him that i’m a balinese. after he got my mobile number, he sent me a message : ” hi buddy”.

Buddy? is it a kind of dog’s name?! shit!


over all, i think i will like my new buddy – more than martha, cuz she wasn’t reply my sms! haha.

he asked us ” what is PUP in bahasa?” i told him ” hmm,,we called it EEK”
and then he laughed ad told us “eek jenifer dia kuning!” hahahahahaha,,
she got confuse with his words, and he asked us what the right word is.
we told him ” eek jenifer kuning, jenifer’s pup is yellow. just as simple as that.” he confused in using ‘dia’.

and then got a hard discussion about KITAS coz cecilia got mad with AIESEC. hahahahhaha.
sabar aja deh ye cecil! jgn galak2 napa… hahahahahhaha

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