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Alfonsus D. Johannes

suara dan cerita - Alfonsus D. Johannes

in times of pain, just sing! #prayforjapan

This could be the first post labeled in “words”




see this pic, taken from One Piece chapter 592, a super awesome comic by Eiichiro Oda, I hope he and his family and crews safe there in Japan…




in times of pain, just sing!


really love Brook’s words.

Brook is currently Straw Hat Pirates latest crew… but still big chances there is/are more crew join Straw Hat Pirates.

Brook is an awesome afro skeleton and also multi-instrument musician.

Cool addition and also funnym in Straw Hat Pirates.

Other famous words from Brook is : “Hey ladies, can I see your panties?”

hahaha… which made him always kicked in the ass by ladies. hahaha…


after all…


in hard times, let’s sing…

even I can’t sing well… but sing some song really give effect to my feelings, my mind, and my mood. :D


lalalalalalalallaaaaa.. ;)



one more thing…


Let’s also pray for Japan… hope they can be strong to overcome this natural unexpected occurrence…