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Archive for August, 2011

overwhelmed with gratitude :’)

In this opportunity, I would like to say thank you Allah SWT, for everything given to me.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

I didn’t have to wait for so long to know what has been written.

My tears become smile.

You give the Sunshine after the rain.


words were’nt even enough to describe how happy i am..

this happy tears can’t be stopped.

I love you for the rest of my life.


A month ago, me and my friends (Gita, Putu and gita’s bf –baki – ) went to some cool places.



We went to museum Joang 45, museum (forgot the name) :p, Sunda Kelapa Mosque. Getting bored with malls so we decided to go to museum..yeayyy… the forgotten place is not bad to be visited in holiday icon smile jalan.jalan.narsis

As a woman who loves to be photographed hahaaa of course taking pictures is one of the – must do -  thing. :p

Here some pictures taken while visiting those places. Love it icon biggrin jalan.jalan.narsis Read More…

the answer from God.

Mungkin bagi sebagian dari kalian sudah baca postingan saya sebelumnya mengenai jawaban dari Allah atas doa-doa kita. Hard to say, tapi hari ini saya mendapatkan jawaban atas doa saya yang tentunya bukan sesuatu yang saya harapkan. Read More…