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week. week.

Everything is at its fastest pace and I try to make an effort to embrace the changes that comes along the way. The busyness of my weekdays and weekends gets to the point where I really can’t think about anything else apart from the pending assignments. I eat, sleep and breathe business plan/finance/management. Then with them handed in, I’ll have to move on to studying for the mid-trimester test and my holly skripsi. And as I’ve emphasised so many times to my friends, it is really IB all over again. Maybe a little bit tougher and intense?
And I’ve finally made up my mind to purchase my own domain so that blogging can be more personal. But I still can’t decide on what to name it and how to get started on the design… So maybe I’ll give my creative mind some time before introducing the ultimate blog of mine. I really can’t wait to be able to do what I love.
with love, Endah

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being busy

Heading to campus in the morning. And feeling so upset because of the traffic, I’m trapped on traffic (⌣́_⌣̀)
But, this moment makes me have a time to turn back every single memory on a week. Well, this week is totally full of activities. Saking penuhnya aktivitas minggu ini, sampe kadang2 ga sadar kalo setiap harinya berlalu sangat cepat. Dimulai dengan senin yang hectic, full dari jam 7 sama jam 7 lagi, dan diakhiri dengan sabtu ini yang harusnya kembali mengulang rutinitas senin. Am I tired? Yes, of course. But satisfied at the same time.
Sangat menyenangkan memiliki banyak kesibukan, itu menandakan gw masih hidup. And when I’m busy, I’m feeling more alive. Ada seseorang yang pernah bilang bahwa gw paling gabisa membiarkan satu hari kosong tanpa melakukan sesuatu. Yeah, hampir benar. Bahkan orang di rumah kadang bilang kalo gw menjadikan rumah tempat pulang, namun tidak pernah benar-benar ada di rumah. Kadang sampai di satu poin yang mengatakan : I need vacation. But when that time comes, the workaholic on my mind scream louder: I need real activities.
Well, hidup itu memang harus seimbang. Tapi kadang sampai pada keseimbangan itu sendiri sulitnya minta ampun. Kesibukan ini juga bukan sekedar untuk memenuhi kewajiban, mengisi peran atau menjalankan peran sebagai makhluk hidup saja. Tapi terkadang gw menjadikan kesibukan sebagai pengalihan saat bosan memikirkan sesuatu atau bahkan lari dari sesuatu. I need to change my perception. (⌣́_⌣̀)

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