The strangest thing about love is, when you’ve been hurt by him many times and you are still willing to give him another second chance and deceiving yourself that this will be the last.
That’s what happens to a friend of mine. Well, i won’t call her stupid because i was once been there, twice i mean. Even the smartest person could suddenly be dumb when he/she meets love.
Love, a simple word with great power.
Some people say, you’ll meet 2 great love in your life. Only 2. And i guess i’ve met those 2. Pretty early huh? But nevermind tho. Idk whether they are considered as my great loves or not but they sure have made my life pretty screwed up and are very hard to forget. And of course, i’ve lost those two but no worries because i’ve came up with a new theory. Well, actually i read it somewhere.
Besides great love, there also exist the right love. There are differences between great love with the right love. Great love might has the abilities to turn your world upside down, makes you feel so screwed up and is the one that you love the most but the right love won’t make you feel so although that your right love might not be the one that you love the most. Not every great love could bring you happiness, i mean for an example, what if your great love is a poor man? Don’t tell me that love will make everything work out, because without money it won’t. If you married a poor man in the name of love, sooner or later you guys would ended up quarreling about money. It’s a different story if the man is poor but is a hardworking person and is determined to give you a better life. If he’s poor and is also a lazy head? Well, don’t even bother to ask what a fortune teller would say about his future because even a blind man could tell.
The thing about the right love is, it’s the one that will do anything to make you happy and love you more than you love him. So, if you ever happened to be in this situation of choosing between the great love or the right love, choose wisely because he’s the one that will be beside you everyday, every night for the rest of your life.
This post is actually more suitable for people who are getting married. We, teenagers don’t have to make that decision of choosing between those two this soon. What we have to do now, is dating handsome men and enjoy our teenage life. But when it comes to marriage,of course we must choose good eligible men without caring how handsome they are.

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