another two more months!

sigh not that i always complain, but i just don’t like the thought of waking up early in the morning, and then coming back from campus or doing my activity in the afternoon dog-tired, and then having to burn midnight oil to finish of last minute assignments!
i really need to sit down and do serious thinking and jot down my new year resolutions. i need to be a better person, physically, mentally.
i want to be healthier and shed some kilos off, not some actually, i need to decrease my weight.
i want to be more organized and be more lady-like. no more messiness. i don’t want to always care about appearance, trying to always look perfect on the outside but then when it comes to my room, inside of my bag, my closet, it’s disassterrr. so yes, i am going to be really neat, and clean. i have to change now, i am already 20! turning 21 next year, whoa.

i need to use my time wisely for the next two months.
organizing new year party would be the first thing on my mind. tee hee icon smile time flies. im scared.

6a00d83451614969e201348067802d970c 320wi time flies. im scared.