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GG !

291721 256620334362772 100000444226692 957478 4997443 n large GG !this is my favorite serial ever (GG). i love Serena instead of Blair. but, for the tricky way i love Blair. well, mental mean girls sih (dikit) haha



42 pink baloonshe’s so cute, isn’t it? this picture actually not mine, but because i love it, i posted this picture here. (thanks to the photographer)

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formspring and me

There are several questions coming from my formspring accounts:

book title formspring and me

1. Whay would you do on a perfect date? Take me to the rooftop of highest building on the town, romantic dinner and a thousand stars on the sky.

2. Whats the last TV show you watched? What did you like about it? Hemm last time i watch TV was about a month ago, and i can’t remember the TV show. Haha

3. Who made you smile this weekend? What did you do that was fun? Well, there are a lot of people who made me smile along this weekend. Everything i did was fun. I love it. Especially when i checked my teeth w/ a very kind doctor.

4. When was the last time you got in trouble? What did you do? Hemm when i know that i’ll take my final assestments a day before. Its just like my world stop for awhile *drama queen

5. What do you like to do when you’re feeling sick? Blanket, a cup of milo and a quite room oh and also a good music.

6. If your house was on fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be? Blackberry, laptop and modem

7. If you had the opportunity, to live one year of your life over again. Which year would you choose? When i was eleven. I thought it was the best year of mine

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several (un-answered) questions

Akhir-akhir ini banyak hal random yang berkeliaran secara bebas di dalam isi kepala yang terbatas ini. some of them are just random question about life, people and something that undiscovered yet, then some of them are coming because of something happened in daily routine. Here they are (again just some of them):

1. Kenapa ya banyak orang yang lebih tertarik untuk membicarakan orang lain, padahal menurut gw masalah hidup orang-orang tersebut pun belum tentu beres?

2. Kenapa trend ikut-ikutan itu sangat ‘booming’? well, misalnya ikut-ikutan ga suka sama orang Cuma gara-gara takut terdepak dalam pergaulan? Ikut-ikutan pake behel supaya bisa masuk kalangan ‘gaul’? or ikut-ikutan pake mode ini dan mode itu?

3. Kenapa kebanyakan orang lebih nyaman curhat di sosial media? Such as twitter or status bbm or maybe some of them still using status Facebook?

4. Kenapa cari kerja itu susah?

5. Kenapa birokrasi itu ada kalo misalnya dengan punya orang ‘dalem’ tetep bisa dapet pelicin?

6. Kenapa sih makin banyak pencitraan melalui media?

7. Kenapa banyak orang pengen terlihat lebih wise padahal well, we already know who are they. hahaha

Well, gw ga muna atau naif, beberapa pun pernah gw lakukan, but, as i’m getting older, gw berusaha membatasi dan melihat dunia dari perspektif yang berbeda. Mulai mengendalikan semua ‘nafsu’ supaya ga dianggap sebagai drama queen wannabe (as im already being drama queen for a several times). haha its seriously random post. Dont be that serious when you read this one. Xoxo.

ffion atkinson several (un answered) questions

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