The book series are practically, the best English teacher I ever had. My father wouldn’t give me the money to buy the translated one. I was so angry back then about that, you now, it took me longer time to digest the idea of each paragraph. I need dictionary everytime I read the book. I precisely remember the 8 year old version of me, struggling to read the very first book accompanied by a-head-size dictionary I barely can lifted. And the following years after, obsessively waiting for the early copy from Bloomsburry.

novel Harry Potter dan anak 8 Tahun

The obsession gradually ceased after the last book published, but still it was heart moving and (mulai freak bahasa gw) a “transient teary moment” seeing the cast speeches just now. I’m so going to give my kids the books like what my father did, probably one copy for each birthday! And Oh probably the movie for family time hmmm. (well, even I’m still wondering, who’s gonna be my future husband)

Thank you ibu J.K Rowling for created such childhood experience for everyone. (DUH, mellow gini)