the quintessential uptown girl , smart, sassy and have so many dreams to reach ?

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sensitive, nostalgic, imaginative, detests complainer, a sweet-tooth, can’t stand boredom, like competitions, have good&dirty sense of humor, an advanced procrastinator, have issues with commitment, easily get stressed, doesn’t believe in fates, but read horoscopes daily.

  • I’m, who I’m.
  • if you wonder who I’m just ask me, its free to ask question about me.
  • Bandung, September 6th 1991
  • I’m Virgo and totally in love with writing
  • PINK is my colour
  • I’m part of Beswan Djarum Family, and so lucky I’m.
  • Book, a lot of books is my oase.
  • Music keeps me alive
  • Friends keep me survive
  • I love watching a lot of movies
  • Drama is always part of my life
  • I’m a queen in my scenario (or what so ever)

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