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Hay guys, its been a long time since the last time i wrote here. My life is like roller coaster lately. So, apa aja nih yang terlewat selama masa ‘menghilang’ ini? Gue mau berbagi cerita tentang ulang tahun ke duasatu.

6 September 2012 – jadi hari bersejarah tersendiri buat gue. Tepat 00.01 gue menginjak umur duasatu, akhirnya. Meskipun kata orang “your life begins at twenty” gue sendiri merasa perjalanan panjang dimulai diumur duasatu ini. Ada target yang belum tercapai diumur duasatu ini, ada juga yang sudah tercapai dan dengan segala naik turunnya perjalanan dari duapuluh ke duasatu gue sangat bersyukur. Gue merasa ada proses pendewasaan disini. Mudah-mudahan diumur yang baru gue bisa lebih bijak lagi dalam melangkah, tidak mudah tergoda oleh emosi dan banyak hal-hal lain yang gue harap bisa hadir di umur duasatu ini. Kado paling berkesan diumur duasatu? Kabar bahwa penantian gue selama lima bulan akan terbayar, by the end of this year gue akan pindah ke Jakarta untuk memulai petualang hidup sendiri gue. Hehe. Dengan segala hal belum pasti di depannya, gue mohon do’a untuk kelancarannya. icon smile #duasatu

birthday 300x300 #duasatu


Hemm…banyak hal yang ingin gue tulis, gue bagi, tapi entah kenapa kata-kata seolah lagi main petak umpet, sulit rasanya. But, soon, gue bakal rajin-rajin lagi posting. Hal-hal absurd, pikiran-pikiran nyeleneh atau pertanyaan-pertanyaan sederhana yang kadang mampir di otak yang kecil ini.

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x2 a3da6e3 myLADIES

Had a great times w/ my LADIES. Love you all guys. You all guys made my day. Happy birthday myLADIES Devina Kristianti. *kiss *hugs *love

aizzbtocmaeiagq myLADIES

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September 6th – Happy Cakeday to Me

Time flies so fast. Yesterday I was woke up from my beauty sleep and counting down to my birthday. Then now, finally here I’m. september 6th 2011. I’m already 20.

Well, I’am 20 now, how lucky I’am that i could celebrate my moments with my family and friends. And I want to thank you guys for greeting and wishing me the sweetest greetings.
Especially my parents, my brothers, my girls, my buddies. Thankyou brothers for the midnight surprise! and thankyou fellas for making me look like a monster-cake! LOL (photos are private)
Well, I’am officially 20, and its true that I will have bigger responsibility, I will have to settle things maturer, act as what 20 y.o girl should act. My friend said that 20 is when life is really beginning. For me, life is already beginning start from we were born. But, yeah I know what he really means. Haha. lets just start it, yea? wish me luck! icon smile September 6th   Happy Cakeday to Me

Happy Birthday to me icon smile September 6th   Happy Cakeday to Me

.Next Goal.

* Travelling around the world

* Madly fun vacations with my best-people !
* Happy Insane & wildly proud
* Make my Parents Happy icon smile September 6th   Happy Cakeday to Me
* Achieve The best life of mine
* Found the right man icon biggrin September 6th   Happy Cakeday to Me

* Happily Ever After =)

* Freedom.

cake by f4wn4y September 6th   Happy Cakeday to Me

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Happy Birthday Ka Puji Prabowo

kaujisatu 300x225 Happy Birthday Ka Puji PrabowoHappy Birthday Ka Puji Prabowo

Happy 23rd birthday

Wishing you all the greatest wishes


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Sigh. SIGH. S-I-G-H

Well, I'm counting down to my birthday, my 20th birthday. I'm so excited (but terrified), I'm gonna leave teenagers age then going to 20. AAA..TWENTY!

More freedom with more responsibilities. *sigh* *deep sigh* about two months ago I feel unsure about what I'm feeling the most when I have to face my birthday. You may think I'm full of drama, telenovela, too much reading novel or too much watching Korean's movies. Yes, I'm. I'm a drama queen of God personal scenario, my life. For me, this 20th birthday is really terrifying. Nothing compare what I'm feeling right now. There are so much things lying on my head, and most of them start with “What will..?”. Hemm then a few minutes later I'll said directly to myself that being twenty will not as bad as I thought. *DEEP SIGH*

Am i being paranoid or what?
I keep thinking about what will i be in the next few days, my 20th birthday. Well, i am loving my teenage life a lot and i am very unwilling to give it up since that time passes so fast. I should consider about marrying a vampire. So i can stay young forever? (Geez, i am turning into Snow White's step mom. Awfully vain.) and where in the world is Edward Cullen when i need him the most?

Well, this post its so unimportant. Haha. but, to keep my mind calm, I need to write something :p

love Sigh. SIGH. S I G H

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September 1st 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Pungky

birthday September 1st 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Pungky

Heyy, welcome September. Its my months. Virgo season. I promise, September gonna be the most awesome months in this years.

Venturing this months, on this day, friends of mine has a birthday today. His name is Pungky Adi Nugraha. He is Beswan from Bandung. He is brother, best friend and best enemy at the same time. Haha. Wishing you all the greatest wishes, pung. Stay young, and gorgeous. icon smile September 1st 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Pungky

pungky September 1st 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Pungky

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a few days to my twenty birthday

yes, a few days to my twenty birthday. just like you flip your hand, time flies soooo quickly. i did some blogwalking just now, and many many of them wrote about this upcoming 20. just like angel said, she wonder what 20 would bring her up to.

i guess, we all hope for the same,a better future.

off the record, i'm scared too. i just don’t ready for new step. i really want to, but i'm too scared to get out from my comfort zone. I’m scared facing the 20. scared facing new people, new life, new responsibilities.

I guess the possible and is i have to appreciate the time that God's given us. i'm gonna make every second counts. every moment of mine. just like Leonardo Dicaprio as Jack Dawson said when he made a toast on the Titanic ship, “for each moment counts” (i'm not sure bout he's saying, each day or each moment :p)

*sighhh………………(long deep breath)


talking bout new age, there's always a New Age's Resolution.

have you make your list yet? i said, one or two would be enough, a long long resolution's list is just a bullshit if you filled it up but without trying to accomplished it, yea?

just start the very basic thing that you always failed on, or you always want to try it, anything that you think its beyond your capability and try not to procrastinate it ! that's all.

i'm gonna make a list for myself, too.


img001517 a few days to my twenty birthday

Ps: Really exciting with my 20 birthday but scare at the same time. Am I weird? hahaha

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