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This is August. My August..

August is special for me. Because i was born in this month. Especially this year. Some really good things happened. Celebrated my birthday in mountain. Again. Finally camp in the island. Have done my first step to get a job. My friends graduated. But still couldn’t find which one Leo is. Thank you for this beautiful moments, August.

And, hei, please tell September for being nice to me too. Like you did. Tell them to send me more good news :)

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Happy Birthday 2

And no wonder why you are the biggest football fan ever..

Did you remember the night when the light off, and we had nothing to do except listened to ibu’s story about our childhood. Ibu told us that when you were in her stomach, she really liked watching football. Like she watched it all night long. And right after you were born, in one flick, that no-days-without-watching-football was gone. Dissapeared. Just like that. And i am sure that’s why you love football so much. Like it’s in your gene. I even know that sometimes your account password is football player’s name *oops. sorry. hahhaha :P


you and your football or futsal things

You were cute kid. Everybody wanted to pinch your pie-cheek. But as you grow, some things change. Like your straight hair suddenly  being the curvy one, your appetite is gone. The kid who eat everything -no, no, desk, cupboard, shoes, they are not on the list- being the kid who just eat certain food. Try to eat any kind of foods, fruits, vegetables, okay? Because no one is gonna force it to you, like here, at home. You are totally on your own, now. Be healthy there, boy.

what happen with your hair?

what happen with your hair?

This year no hugs or kisses on your birthday. But we still remember you as always. And it feels like there is something is gone when you are not here. Everytime we do something, we always think, ‘Abang is supposed to be here, with us’.

Well, okay, enough said about the sad part. And here your birthday gift. From us, your beautiful sisters. Congratulation from special place. 2877 mdpl.

hbd abang

congratulation from us @Talago Dewi, Mt Singgalang

Love you as always,
Hugs and kisses,
xoxoxo :D

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Happy Birthday

Today, 19 years ago, was the first time i have a little brother.

You are the oldest son at home. And we gave you a nickname. Uda. Because we are minangnese. But you didn’t want it. You choosed your own. Abang. Then be it. The little boy who kept crying when papa just arrived at home from the office to look for an attention, now changes being the man who learn to take his own responsibility. You are growing up, boy.

People said time flies. And ya, that’s right. Look at you now. The tallest man at home. How could that happen so fast? It fells like yesterday when i ruffled your hair. You were just as tall as my shoulder. But now you mocking me by prenteding not seeing me just because i am shorter than you! What a brother!

You are 19 years old now. And i guess this year is the hardest part of your life. Be strong, be though, boy. Just keep believing. Fainna ma’al ‘usri yusraa. Inna ma’al ‘usri yusraa. And don’t worry. We always pray for you. We always talk about you even you are not here. Oh, how much we’ve missed you.

Happy birthday, Abang. We love you. Forza Juve!
Hug and kiss
xoxoxo :D

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Lost in Books

i often lost in books. and i love it.

lost in book


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Fly away

Go fly. Go fly away. Find your own way.

fly away

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