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The Comments

I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yesterday. Here some things crossed my mind while watching this movie.

1. I have to add Iceland to my ‘place to go before i die‘ list.


2. Sometimes you need trigger to do something. So, maybe i really have to buy the rucksack i fall in love to? Saw it couple weeks ago. And have been thingking about it since then.

or anyone wanna but it for me?

trigger vs target; or anyone wanna buy it for me?

3. I like Walter sister. She was funny. Did sweet thing but in the embarrassing way. Hahaha. I did that too to my other siblings.


weird walking and shout* HAPPY BIRTDAY WALTER!

4. There are couple things bother me. You know, sometimes this logic thingking just pop up. Like when Walter punched the shark or when Walter got a call in top of a mountain or when, okay, ya, that’s a movie. Don’t think too much. Just enjoy it! Hehehe. Sorry. My bad. But i did check about one thing. When Walter easily went to Iceland and Greenland. I never go abroad -not yet, soon, i will (amiin)- but i know it takes time to get the visa. And here’s the fact. USA is the second most country which get free visa for 172 countries. Iceland and Greenland are  on the list. So, makes sense then.

5. Sean Penn looks much more handsome here than in I am Sam :D (ya iyalah, kan beda karakter -..-”)

. Life does not always go the way you want it. It makes you have to take something which not on your list, even sometimes gets rid of your dreams. And somehow you stuck there. For a long time. But you can still take it back anyway. Nice spririt! (Kalau istilah Aip, transformasi si Walter itu keren)


Walter transformation

7. I love the ending. Really nice cover.

8. And i pray to God, i hope i do not need to wait for 16 years or even more to make my dreams come true. Amin.

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