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Now, August.

Dear August,

Hmm, where i have to start?
How are you? Is everything fine? I hope so.

Well, August, it seems like this year isn’t our best, is it? You know, i’ve already prepared my self for some things i know gonna happen, still, it disappoint me. And i am struggling to train my mind to keep positive thinking. God, it’s not easy! Once i become the wisest girl ever ‘that’s fine. it means it’s the best for me. now, all i need is looking for the other open doors’ And the next split second i become the most dramatic drama queen ‘so, what i have to do with my life nooow??’

Well, honestly, i know what i have to do. Lesson learned. Planning done. Time to make an action. Do the best. Positive thinking. Have a courage. Respect yourself. Respect others. Be greatful. Be kind. Sleep less. Work hard. Pray more. Travelling often. Go the extra miles. Break the limit!



By the way, please sent my regards to Leo, August. We haven’t met, yet. Have to wait till next year. Remind me, oke?

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Dear, August

Dear, August.
Please, please, be nice.
Like before.
Like always.

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