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Dear Ag,
Long time having no talk. How’s life going? Did the wind bother you? Some nights they just getting worse. May you not forget to use jacket. Did you still stand everynight watching the sky? Ah, i hope everything’s good on you, Ag. And, hey, have you met Leo?

About Leo, to be honest, i was totally forget about this one this year, Ag.  I know i have to wait again until next year. But you know what? I met my Leo, Ag, in you, my favorite month, as my biggest birthday gift ever. I’m having a great life right now, Ag. Who think life could this beautifull? (I even can’t hold my smile while writing this.)

You know what is my favorite words now, Ag? Words that i saying often? Uda and Alhamdulillah. I still remember the time i talked to a friend of mine about how i will call my husband. Uda. Uda. I don’t know how, but this word like having something on it, Ag. Something that when i called it makes me feel safe, comfortable and get a piece of peace. And ya, it actually is, Ag.

And you can hear how often my heart says hamdalah, Ag. Uda adalah salah satu syukur terbesarku. He is one of greatest gift God gives to me. I couldn’t ask better, Ag. Alhamdulillah :)

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