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Happy Birthday

Today, 19 years ago, was the first time i have a little brother.

You are the oldest son at home. And we gave you a nickname. Uda. Because we are minangnese. But you didn’t want it. You choosed your own. Abang. Then be it. The little boy who kept crying when papa just arrived at home from the office to look for an attention, now changes being the man who learn to take his own responsibility. You are growing up, boy.

People said time flies. And ya, that’s right. Look at you now. The tallest man at home. How could that happen so fast? It fells like yesterday when i ruffled your hair. You were just as tall as my shoulder. But now you mocking me by prenteding not seeing me just because i am shorter than you! What a brother!

You are 19 years old now. And i guess this year is the hardest part of your life. Be strong, be though, boy. Just keep believing. Fainna ma’al ‘usri yusraa. Inna ma’al ‘usri yusraa. And don’t worry. We always pray for you. We always talk about you even you are not here. Oh, how much we’ve missed you.

Happy birthday, Abang. We love you. Forza Juve!
Hug and kiss
xoxoxo :D

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