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Pageants and Human Extinction

by on Sep.17, 2013, under English

Dear readers,

I just read a quite interesting article about Miss World 2013 that is going to be held this month in Bali, Indonesia. Well, some people started to react and some of them even condemned such pageant. They said that it is against religious value and it is disrespectful to women (said the minister of religious affair). Even worse, the local Human Rights Commission said that it is a violation against human rights because it exploits woman sexuality for the eye of the public. Further I read in that article, the same kind of disapproval also happened when Lady Gaga was about to hold concert in Indonesia some times ago, they said “what’s the point? she’s just going to show her bra and panties anyway”

Has the issue always been about that though? The panties and the bras? Well I got plenty of other things in mind rather than just panties and bras.

Taken and modified from

I’m going to say that in this world of infinite possibility, pageants are possible to cause HUMAN EXTINCTION (if you would like to force yourselves see it that way). Possibly because of STDs, Suicides or simply another Great Flood. And I warn you dear readers, these are to be taken seriously (if you choose to)



Dear readers,

As far as I’m concerned, the reason behind the disapproval has always been about the bikini. I somehow infer that this is considered highly disrespectful to women. It has always been said that I am living in a culture highly regarding women; But how? By somehow setting fixed rules on how women should live? I wonder who created these rules anyway. Us? Men?

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But wouldn’t it be far fairer if it is them, women, who set up rules on how they should live. I think women know better what’s good for them than men do. If eventually this imaginary woman council has decided that showcasing result-of-intense-healthy-life-style bikini-body in pageants’ bikini-segment is wrong, then what can I say? That’s THE voice of the women. As long as it is vague who speaks out for whom, I’m not sure where to stand on this.


That being said, I don’t think bikini segment is fully healthy anyway. I mean it’s fun to watch, but who knows what it may lead to? It is within our nature to drool sperm out of our nostrils watching beauty queens from all sides of Earth walking around half naked. And it is within our instinct to get turned on watching such thing and who knows what we will do to turn it off.


Well, let’s just say SEX is the worst scenario, cause I don’t see anything linking watching women in bikini with GENOCIDE and TERRORISM. But it is possible though, that it will lead to human extinction (if you force yourselves into dignifying this very legit possibility)



Ladies and gentlemen… SEX. As much as its essential role in keeping our species survive on Earth, I have been taught never to bring it up as a subject of discussion for it is impolite and such. Given that the worst case scenario of watching beautiful women in bikini in Miss World is the increase of “illegal” sex, I’m starting to wonder what is the other worst-scenarios following it? I can only think of two possible scenarios: human extinction due STD because and human extinction due to God’s wrath.


Taken from

If somehow cultures like Indonesian’s which values the sanctity and sacredness of sex is forgotten, people will start to think that “illegal” sex is fine. Well, given the culture putting sex as taboo, nobody will teach about sex education because it’s sinful. So, people will start having orgies spreading STD everywhere which eventually will be inherited to their innocent offspring and eventually lead to human extinction. (I’m serious people!)

If STD doesn’t work, how about God’s wrath? There has been stories I heard about how God being angry and wipe the whole civilization away because people were being naughty. With people having orgies everywhere, who’s to say God will stand idle and just let things be. Beware, another great flood is about to come and bring our species into extinction.



Dear readers,

Let’s get our perverted minds away from bikini and sex and see the issue from another angle.


I don’t think pageants (male or female) are healthy because it’s been brainwashing us into limiting our definition of what beauty is. If beauty is what we are seeing in those pageants’ contestants, what’s up with other people we call ugly? Let’s assume we’ve taken our current definition of beauty as THE definition of beauty. Some of us are born beautiful and most of us are born ugly, aren’t we? We don’t pick which face we’d fancy have when we were in the womb, didn’t we?


I think obsession to being beautiful kills. It messes with people’s mind. In fact, I am messed up too. I don’t like how my teeth look and I kept on being insecure for being a man of roughly average-height (I can have a whole blog post talking about it) Consider myself ugly, who’s to say I’m not going to be suicidal because people keep on calling me ugly? who’s to say that I will live happily with my current poor level of self-esteem for being ugly? Well, I wasn’t taught about “the philosophy of beauty” when I was a kid and I’m quite sure neither were you so I am eaten by this whole vague concept of beauty. Probably this beauty virus really is that butterfly-wing flap that will then create a nasty butterfly-effect messing majority of human generations up.

 taken from

Probably, it will eventually lead to human extinction due to all of us being suicidal because we never feel beautiful enough.

I know for sure that such difference on facial and physical quality exist. We all have sense of aesthetic anyway, we know which faces that are mesmerizing and which faces that are irritating (just to be real). Pageants along with other things are somehow evil for the fact that they have been amplifying it. That’s why I’m not 100% sure I’m OK with pageants… to let my future children watch them without my guide as their parent.



Dear readers,

Yes, I said I wasn’t 100% sure. It means that there are part of me considering pageants OK. If we think of it further, there are certain  aspect of life depending on our current concept of beauty. Take cosmetic business, for instance. Regardless the beauty concept being right or wrong, if we are to fully eradicate this -ism now, the cosmetic business will collapse leaving huge quantity of people jobless. Well, I’m sure they’ll find a way to get back on their feet; but what about hundreds of thousands of people dedicating decades of their lives studying cosmetics? are they to be sacrificed? Now that’s what I call a GENOCIDE.


Taken from:

As a matter of fact, since I’m a boy or a man or whatever; if I am asked about the thing I learn from male pageants, it will be that I’ve strained far away from healthy life. I don’t do sports and such, that’s why my body sucks. Being beautiful is one side of the coin from having a healthy life. Then, I also learned that pageants actually involve character and intelligence to the scoring in determining the winner. So, apparently beauty isn’t everything even though it is a thing.


And one more thing, I think everybody will agree that in mass communication, messages delivered by Miss Universe or Mr. Universe will engage us more, compared to being delivered by some random guy or girl you pick out of the street. Me, for instance. Well, isn’t that what Miss and Mr. Universe do? I believe they’re not just parading around singing “I’m sexy and I know it”. Perhaps it’s because they’re beautiful and we naturally pay attention to something beautiful.

… or

… *suspense music playing*

These are all just part of conspiracy made by some secret societies!

Well, I can only say “Dang! they’re smart! I wanna be with you dear smart people!!! Abduct me!!!”



Dear readers,

OK I was not being serious as you may have already inferred along the way. But I think it’s possible to take what I’ve said about human extinction seriously. As I said, this is a world of infinite possibility. Butterfly effect do happen.


This is just my way of thinking. What kind of person am I to reject the possibility of Indonesia’s tourism to gain momentum to it’s peak of potential. Maybe slowly we’ll get free access to education, free health access and other things, you name them. I’m not saying pageantry is without any dark side, I’m saying there’s no point of dignifying it and let’s just see the light. One of the committee said that “this is not a name of a religion country, this event is a cultural instead of a religious one” and I’m behind his back on this one.  To those who keep on insisting for banning this kind of events, well what can I say… arguments happen. And hopefully we’ll not be extinct anytime soon.

I don’t object if you object though. Just let me know what you think on the comment below…

Thank you so much…

See you tomorrow!


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The Not-tweeting me

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Dear readers,

I may be the only human kind who don’t tweet.


Hmmm, let me begin with this.

So, I am from a third world country. Let’s put it “FIFTH-world” country if there’s such a thing. I came from a quite remote small village in my country called Pabuaran. I definitely came from a very insignificant spot on the map. Well, let alone being on the map of the Earth, my hometown is not even significant on the district’s map. I mean, try Google map it and you’ll see nothing but vast jungles with some reddish spot which turns out to be roof of houses.

Luckily, my parents were patient enough to wait for the electricity to arrive before they decided to make me. I didn’t know internet exist up until I was about to enter high-school, though. Even worse, I had never used elevator up until my first day as university student and I didn’t know how to put on car safety-belt up until few years ago, hahaha. I guess I am from the SIXTH-world country.  Don’t get us wrong though, we Pabuaranese don’t go around naked.

So, time went fast and there I was, in the end of the year 2010. I had actively used internet for 3 years by this time. People seemed to start putting aside Facebook and started to move their virtual social cuddling through a site called twitter. I, too, had long stopped being an annoying Facebooker who posted insignificant things and horrid selfies for people to vomit on.

Well… I honestly didn’t quite get those RT, @ and # symbols. But I tried to create a twitter account anyway (just for the sake of following trend). So, there I was creating the account. I don’t remember the exact plot, but I remember seeing a big fat white whale being lifted by some birds when I tried entering the site. I had such low self-esteem, so seeing such unexpected display, I decided to just forget about it and surfed elsewhere. And here I am now, in the year of 2013, still being the Not-Tweeting me. Is it a big deal, though? Well… maybe.



Dear readers,

I’m pretty sure that all of you have twitter account. Probably some of you are eventually schizophrenic tweeties tweeting every life-and-death urgent-matter for other tweeties to retweet. You know what they say though, just be who you are cause baby you’re amazing just the way you are ♫. Well, I don’t have one. Ever since my first attempt, I haven’t really put another effort to get myself one. I’m wondering if I really should have put another effort, though. That’s basically what I’m doing here people!… wondering out loud.

Maybe I should’ve had one.

As usual, yesterday I surfed on youtube and stumbled upon a video about Sharknado. I saw bunch of youtubers saying that this cheesy movie gained success because people kept on talking about it on twitter and blah blah blah. Well, I know I might be overreacting but after all this time, I’ve been wondering if people really have moved on from facebook to twitter? I’m not sure about the statistics but out of all youtubers I subscribed, none of them put facebook prior to twitter in promoting their channels. So I’m just going to jump into the conclusion that twitter obviously has triumphed over facebook in some essential ways. And those hash tag thingy I’ve found everywhere also prove my point.

I’m neither against twitter nor I pity Zuckenberg for this. The thing is, within my social circles and circles around my circles, fat amount of information is shared only through twitter since everyone think twitter is what’s currently happening. I eventually heard someone saying “Is there anybody who opens up mozilla and type facebook before anything else? that is so out dated!”. Well, I do, duh! And eventually it currently bothers me. I’ve not consumed as many information (the important ones or the trivial ones) compared to my tweety friends. Take for example, job-vacancy and scholarship program. I don’t know if it’s true but it seems that such information are much abundant on twitter.


So, maybe I should’ve had one.


So, what’s with all these pointless fuss? There is no such rule limiting us to have particular number of social-networking-site account anyway. If I am to make one, then just do it already! What’s the point of wasting time typing all these?

Yeah, indeed, I am wondering why I have been such a complicated mind.  Well, how about I can think of nothing else to keep on my fingers dancing today and maybe I simply am a complicated soul.


I guess it is mostly because I’m having issue about mainstream-ism. I know I’m not the one to talk about this; since I only mainly listen to billboard top 40, but I’ve been refusing to follow the twitter mainstream-ism simply because I want to be different. Well, I’m so very well accustomed to being the guy who doesn’t have twitter within my circles but now that I think of it, why different?

Then, given myself being a stubborn, I found the excuses my friends gave in persuading myself to start joining the fun of tweeting not satisfying. They said that twitter was more efficient in communicating, less annoying people were in twitter and blah blah blah. Well, sometime I have to get mind-blowing persuasion and go through this way of reasoning just to decide something.

What else? Maybe I’ve been afraid that I’m going to go back to the kind of MAPOTI that I was on facebook, which I’m pretty sure I would be if only my first attempt of creating twitter account was successful. Well, given my background I’ve told you before, I am easily interested in something new (technologically) and often times I take that interest the wrong way I unconsciously be a MAPOTI. It happened again a year ago when I started soundcloud, who’s to say I’m not gonna be one on twitter? MAPOTI stands for Most Annoying People On The Internet in case you haven’t known. Well, now that I went through all these paragraphs of thinking, I’m quite sure I won’t be bothering people with my spamming if I really am to start having one. Or at least the words are already out, I’d be ashamed if I break this oath. And I don’t take shame lightly.


Well dear readers,

Today’s post has pretty much been egocentric and excuse me for that. This is not a persuasive text, I’m not suggesting anything. Yet good for you if you had found anything useful out of this. Well, in case you don’t and you think that this post is completely pointless…

there is one thing actually…

if you are to start blogging… just keep them fingers dancing baby!!!


So, what do you think? Feel free to leave your comments bellow.

See you tomorrow! and perhaps see you on twitter?


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The Suit-and-tie Loving Me

by on Sep.17, 2013, under English

Dear readers,

I don’t know about you, but years ago I made such a fuss about wearing formal attire. I didn’t really have problem wearing shirt, but I really hated tucking my shirt in (it’s so geeky!). And I simply felt naked if I was not to wear denim as my pants. I said that it was against my youthful spirit and blah blah blah.  Eventually I thought that there was zero relationship between your clothes and your overall intelligence. “Do denim block some sort of neural transmission causing my brain not to work properly?”. I kept on fussing about social custom valuing suit-and-tie as the dress-code of the eligibility.

Well, here I am now dear readers, always longing to wear one. I guess human do change and I’ve changed. I’m not saying that my so called youthful thinking being simply silly, I’m saying that there is a sudden surge of confidence charging me if I am to go out looking god damn presentable wearing suit-and-tie. As much as I like wearing it though, I’m not sure I want to be overdressed all the time (cause that’s not cool). So, yeah I’m always longing to find occasion requiring me to wear one.


I don’t know what was with all the fuss back then? I’ve no idea what had jeans and T-shirts done to my life that I had to fight for their rights to keep on wrapping my  mannequin physique all the time? Now that I think of it, it certainly was not fashion. I only had two jeans and ten T-shirts at most, and all of them are of funeral-themed colors. Maybe it was just some sort of normal code shared by youngsters trying to distinguish themselves from either childhood or adulthood (maybe?).



Dear readers,

Since I’m simply illiterate in fashion, why don’t we see what Mr. Matt Jensen, an Australian suit designer, got to say about this topic? As quoted in Kraegen, Mr. Jensen simply says that “the suit is designed to enhance a man’s physique and masculinity”. In addition, to some people dressing in such outfit somehow successfully draw attention away from possible less-aesthetic physical feature into his pure eligibility. Hmmm… interesting.

How did it all start, though? How did that social custom valuing suit-and-tie as the dress-code of the eligibility started?

Apparently as Chertoff (2012) says, the modern suit-and-tie have a very complex lineage. So, a nasty plague hit Britain in 1665 during King Charles II reign. Up until the plague hit, commoners were banned to dress lavishly and elaborately like the nobles. As a sense of solidarity (I suppose), the King felt that it was his liability to order his nobles to start dressing “more casually” for a while to put blurred lines between the nobles and the commoners. Another article I read sees the history from another historical setting. Toner (2006) said that French ,along with Italy and Spain, was the center of the so called fashionable-dress during that same period of time. The French gentlemen had stopped wearing tradition 16th century male-outfit and started wearing our modern clothing such as coats and vests. In 1715, the fashion power is shifted to England, which fashion-culture had grown simpler ever since the plague in 1665 (Chertoff, 2012).

I don’t really understand fashion, but perhaps there had been some sort of cross fashion-cultural influence along this period of time. The British perhaps copy the way French gentlemen dress by using vests and coats and eventually this male-fashion trend evolved into 18th century morning suit. This “species” of male-dress then became the father of tuxedo which also practically meant being the grand father of lounge suit (our modern suit-and-tie). Kraegen (2011) somehow implies that our beloved suit-and-tie is actually a son of a “b****”, though. For there are so many seeds contributing to its birth.Then, I assume that given this long-lasting Western influence on modern civilization, to wear suit-and-tie is then considered being the code amongst the professionals, which further leads to some sort of association between suit-and-tie wearing and eligibility.



Dear readers,

I’m going to restate that I like making myself looking presentable wearing suit-and-tie. Let’s suppose that everything has to be seen cynically, so perhaps this is just another way of the “westeros” to gradually degrade other cultures, another form of imperialism and blah blah blah. I’m not one of those anarchist fighting against westernization anyway. I don’t see westernization being an equal of moral-degradation (well, maybe here and there). Despite the suit-and-tie culture itself being considered product of proud anarchic tradition as Chertoff (2012) suggested, I enjoy and feel confident looking presentable. If to use suit-and-tie is the way for me to join the realm of eligibility, then so be it!


Suppose, we really have to be that cynical. Maybe we are just another victim of such imperialism, since we have been fallen into bombardment of images of those symmetrical-faced male-models looking extremely awesome in those suit-and-ties. I don’t know. It got me thinking though:

“If we’ve been living in an alternate universe in which the course of the history let spandex being regarded as the formal attire, would I have had been entitling this post “The Spandex Loving Me?”

Dear readers,

What do you think? feel free to let your fingers dance your thoughts by posting your comments below!

See you tomorrow!

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The Leaf-munching Me

by on Sep.17, 2013, under English

Dear readers,

You know inspiration often comes unexpectedly. I’ve just had a veggie-less lunch and now I feel hollow and incomplete (that’s my inspiration!). Well, I know some people simply hate to put veggies in their meal because they don’t like the smell or the taste, but I’m not one of them. My life’s hollow without consuming veggies (oh please!). Let’s just say I’m not exaggerated and I’m feeling truly hollow now (which I really am), I’ve decided I’m gonna blog my incompleteness out.


I guess I’m a cow. Well, not really. I’m not beefy at all and my nipples are as dry as the Sahara no matter how gentle you’re trying to milk them (oh! dear vulgar me). So, let’s just say I’m a… sheep. Funny to reminisce though, few weeks ago when I was home enjoying the vacation, I found myself sick of the feast menu back then: blah blah beef, blah blah potato and blah blah blah. I swear my gut grew tired of digesting those animal flesh. “I gotta eat leaves, Mama!”. So, I dragged my feet like one of those hungry-for-brain walkers to my backyard and found a heaven-full of plants. “Should I eat these tomato leaves? or those aubergine’s? damn! those grasses look yummy”. Then, I dragged my feet further and stumbled upon a climbing bean tree my father recently grew. “Dayum! those leaves look bootylicious… I’m gonna call them Beyonce leaves. So, I stared at the leaves drooling and asked my papa “Dad, can I eat these leaves?”. I was hoping that the answer would be a “yes”.

and apparently it was a “yes”. So, I grabbed a bowl, picked the youngest freshest Beyonce leaves and eat them raw like a savage king. Apparently, Beyonce leaves tasted and smelled just like beans! Liked it. Later on that day, my papa told my mama that their youngest son had turned into a cow. Of course, no offense taken.


Well honey, what can I say? You say them weed, I say let’s feed!

I don’t really eat all kinds of plant, though. I don’t find cactus appealing, for instance. And I don’t eat hay if that’s what you’re currently thinking. But I do eat many kinds of plants. Apparently I realize that each of those raw leaves taste unique. Some of them taste fruity, some of them crunchy, some of them taste heavy and leafy (like Beyonce leaf) and some other taste bitter (papaya leaf is as bitter as hell! yet mama keeps on telling me that it’s medicinal). Now that I think of it, maybe that old lady selling us vegetables every now and then just grabbed random plants out of the ground and offer it to my mama saying “this is edible, ma’am”. We don’t really care if we are being lied to; we’re just keep on munching them weeds like royal family!



Dear readers,

How do I explain my fondness to such raw veganism? I’d say it’s because I’m of pure Sundanese blood (well maybe I can trace back my lineage to King Arthur, though. Who knows?). We, Sundanese people, are known for our raw veganism culture. And I am a lad growing up in traditional Sundanese culture, so I’m accustomed to eating raw leaves like sheep. I don’t know if it’s a popular saying, but once or twice I’ve heard someone joking around saying “If women are to wed Sundanese man, they need not being fret about what to cook! Just give the man a bowl of hot sauce and let him play in the garden. He’ll surely live”. We’ll… what am I to say? I’ll live. I’m not sure all the other modern metropolitan Sundanese lad enjoy munching leaves as much as I do, though.


I remember reading an article online some times ago. Well, I was taught not to take what wikipedia has said for granted, but I found some lines very intriguing. It says that one of the factors causing us, Sundanese, being considered ‘beautiful’ is our raw veganism culture.

 It was said that Sundanese women are -in estimation of Indonesians – one of the most beautiful in the country. In Indonesian popular beliefs, it was said that because of the climate, they have lighter complexion than other Indonesians, and because the Sundanese diet features raw vegetables, they reputedly possess especially soft skin…. Probably because of this, many Sundanese people today pursue careers in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

Well, if it is to be considered racist, wikipedia is the one to blame instead of me (although I am actually part of it for dignifying it). If it is true though, that raw veganism enhance one’s physical appearance, well I’m gonna hoard them raw leaves right away!


See, that’s the thing. I don’t know for sure if raw veganism is advantageous for my health. Well as much as I do enjoy batch of fresh raw leaves alongside tasty hot sauce and a plate of warm rice, I should not take its healthiness for granted just because it is part of my cultural custom (shouldn’t I?). Now that I’ve got my fingers danced this far on this topic, I better check on some articles talking about that.



So, apparently the facts I found were quite inconvenient (you can check the list of references for more detailed info). Well basically the raw vegans (like me?) believe that cooking the veggies is a waste of time, energy and vitamin. In addition, raw foodist also believe that to eat food raw means providing enzyme aiding digestion, stimulating stronger immune system, decreasing the consumption of excitotoxins, glycotoxins and that raw foods are rich in anti-oxidants minimizing aging effect. Well, that being said… some other articles had suggested otherwise. Hmm?


To eat vegetables raw (which includes to eat weeds raw) is not as healthy as some of us might have thought. Apparently, as Sarah (2010) in her website says, at least there are 2 arguments for me to reconsider my cultural habit: Firstly: there are some types of vegetables crucial to be cooked before being consumed because they contain some kind of chemical substance blocking production of Thyroid hormone which eventually will cause hypothyroidism (I have no idea what it is and I’m just gonna assume that it’s something bad). Then, some types of vegetables possibly produce kidney stone because they contain oxalic acid, which can only be removed if only the veggies are cooked (creepy!).

Alright, to further intensify my worry, Subramanian (2009) says that the raw vegans may be threatened to low level of lycopene, which I could only understand as some sort of antioxidant (Dang! I don’t even know what antioxidant is for). Apparently, this lycopene lad is useful to lower the risk of cancer and heart-attack. Stephens, complementarily, lists out some vegetables and suggestion as to which way those vegetables best being consumed: Raw or cooked.



Well, my fingers have now grown tired of dancing, so let’s jump to conclusion. I’m quite sure that I’m a proud Sundanese and I feel no shame in telling the world I eat raw leaves as my favorite meal. Yet, currently I arrive at the point in which I realize that I should not take what my culture has taught me for granted. I’m not gonna stop being semi raw-vegan, cause like I said before… I feel incomplete or let’s say insecure (haha) without being the kind of sheep that I have been. As you’ve read this far, I think we’re all now wise enough to search for and apply scientific information of any kind to our lives. Very well said, huh? And one more thing, don’t try eating cactus just for the sake of being adventurous!


Dear readers,

Thank you so much! See you tomorrow!



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Are Boys Cursed?

by on Sep.17, 2013, under English

This writing is actually more like a personal question of mine. Whenever I wake up in the morning, right after i opened up my eyes, I see the same mind-relaxing scenery in front of me. It is so mind-relaxing that I can’t even blink my eyes and move my body as if I’m having a ‘sucubbus’ sitting on my lying body and I am petrified as if I’ve just looked at a ‘medusa’. Exaggerating, isn’t it?

(*bleeding eye) I see a SHIPWRECK people! Right now my room is so messy that even the one-second-to-sink titanic looks so much better. I’ve been having serious trouble in maintaining the cleanliness of my room. Somehow, when I’ve cleaned up my room in the Sunday morning, my room would turn into a new shipwreck after two to three days. This pathetic situation of mine has led myself to start questioning whether i am cursed. Whether WE are cursed for having trouble maintaining the cleanliness of our own room. So, let’s shout out the question “Are we boys cursed?”



Taken from :

After I’ve done some readings, i can say NO! we boys are not cursed. Perhaps, we boys act this way because of the images of manliness that we’ve been exposed to from television.  As Brett and McKay (2004) stated 

 “a common stereotype that society places on males is that of the sloppy and unkempt man. We see it all the time on television. A man sitting in his man chair with potato chip crumbs all over himself. Beer cans and old pizza cartons are stacked throughout the room. The fellow is usually wearing a crummy t-shirt with food stains all over it. This sad image is what some would say represents manliness.”

Surely we want to appear and act manly, but our definition of manliness might have been wrong because of the bad stereotype we’ve been exposed to for our whole life. Yesterday, i have to admit that i felt so manly seeing my room so messy not even a cockroach able to survive.  Today, I’m not going to define manliness as being ignorant to cleanliness anymore, because living life in a shipwreck is definitely troublesome.

Phillips (2011) mentioned some of our stuffs that might have been ‘the Bali’ of bacteria: First, is BATH TOWEL! Philip Tierno Jr., Ph.D said that whenever we use a bath towel, skin cells slough off our body and stick to the fabric. These cells serve as food for bacteria. As we reuse the towel, these filthy bacteria can transfer back to us and cause skin infections (now that’s disturbing).

Second, BED SHEETS! when we’re rolling around between the sheets, we are basically rolling in our own filth. Studies conducted by Charles Gerba, Ph.D have found FECES!!!, salmonella and E.coli on bed linens. It’s the all-capital FECES boys!

Third, CARPETING! A study conducted by Tierno found out that our carpet probably contains about 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it four thousand times dirtier than our toilet seat!

Fourth, REMOTE CONTROL! Tierno says:

“If you eat something greasy, then cough in your hands and go back to the remote, you’ve deposited an organism with some oil, which offers the germs protection on a device that isn’t cleaned very often to begin with.”  

Boys, as our final inconvenience, Charles Gerba stated:

“On average, a single guy’s apartment harbors 15 times the amount of bacteria than do the homes of bachelorettes.” “They have poop on the coffee table” (what the!?!?)

Though I don’t have a literal poop in my coffee table, I do realize that I’m in that troublesome kind of situation. My room would’ve been a galaxy of planets full of bacteria. (there might have been a kind of bacteria that can turn me into a mutant haaaha *silence)







Brett and McKay. 2004. The Virtious Life: Cleanliness. []. Accessed on November 16, 2011.

Cary, 2011. Confirmed : Guys’ Apartments Are Dirtier, Covered With Poop. []. Accessed on November 16, 2011. 

Phillips. 2011. The 5 Germiest Places in a Bachelor Pad. []. Accessed on November 16, 2011.

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Chew This Ear-Candy: Chen Aharoni

by on Sep.17, 2013, under English


Another Israeli singer got my ear on. Few years ago, I got my ear on Harel Skaat when he sang the song Milim (words). This moment, I found myself raping the replay button to hear this singer’s voice over and over and over again.


Chen Aharoni feat Esti. Neshima by purnamariza



Chen Aharoni (חן אהרוני), a 21 year-old Israeli singer who was born in Tel Aviv Israel on April 12 1990, possesses the voice to die for. He was a finalist of the fifth season of Kokhav Nolad (American-Idol-like show in Israel). He wasn’t finished at the first place, he finished at fourth instead. His fame started to rise after he took part in this talent show.


Let me tell you how I ended up having his songs in my playlist. So, I’m one hundred percent Asian. As far as I know, I have no European blood flowing through my vein yet I feel like an European who loves Eurovision that much. So, it was a bright morning on January 2012, I got up and turned my laptop on then went straight to I was searching for some videos for Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and ended up searching for the Israeli entry. Then I found Chen Aharoni’s Neshima. I loved it and I thought it was “THE” Israeli entry for this year Eurovision until few moments later I realized that it wasn’t. The song was actually from the year of 2010 and it topped the Israeli charts.


Despite its unreliable reliability, I refer to wikipedia :D





He did compete with other Israeli singers to get the honor as the representative of his country for Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany. With his uniquely catchy Irish celtic-influenced song entitled Or (Light), he finished at fourth place and that means he didn’t go to Dusseldorf, Dana International with her song Ding Dong went instead. The very first time I heard this “Or” song, the very first thing crossed my mind was the thought “The country would have scored better with this song, why they chose Dana instead?” Ding Dong didn’t sound that bad though…




I couldn’t find the translation of the lyrics so I am not sure what the the Hebrew part of the song was about. Maybe it was a song about a guy who was just broke up with the girl that seemed to be the light of his life. I don’t know, I don’t speak Hebrew so I am not really sure, but from the English part I can say that the song was pretty much about that.



Neshima (נשימה) is definitely on top of my favorite Chen’s song list. By saying list, I imply that there are other Chen’s songs I like. Take for example the song entitled Mami (מאמי)/ Sweetie and Nosea Rahok (נוסע רחוק).







Chen Aharoni. Mami by purnamariza



The thing about this Mami song is that the word means Mother in Indonesian children language, so when i heard the chorus part “Mami… Mami… Mami… Mami”, I automatically translated it to Indonesian language. It sounded just like a grown up boy crying out to his mother to get some candies. Apart from that, the song is cool and quite addictive. Especially the “mami mami” part. I couldn’t find the translation of lyrics in this song, but from the music video I can say that It is simply about a guy who misses his love after their separation. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Chen Aharoni. Nosea Rahok by purnamariza

I put this song after Neshima on the top list of my favorite Chen’s songs list. Simply said, I enjoy the beat, I enjoy the voice, I enjoy the music video and these are the reasons why I like it.  I’m listening to the song while I am writing this post…



Stay tune for more Chen Aharoni!!! Stay tune for more ear candies!!!


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I’m Patient because I’m Heavily Allergic to Dust

by on May.04, 2013, under English

If I have to choose one thing that describes me, I would’ve chosen a black-and-white box. Often times I only let the world see the black-and-white me, when in fact I’m colorful inside. I have plenty of pale colors and shocking red. What would you say if I say that I’m actually shy and I get angry all the time, all the time.


I’m a black and white box, do you know that I get angry a lot? Think of me as a swan, I may appear peaceful but there are so many things going all over my mind. People possibly see me as a patient man whose emotion is buried so deep in the underworld that it is unknown to the world of the living.  My conscience curse the fact that my subconscious swear all the time over all the little things. “You have been suffering from hypertension, do you?” the doctor was talking to the lying-on-the-bed me months ago. “I don’t know” was the word spoken, when in fact “What? I have hypertension?” was the thing I pragmatically meant.  Well, I get angry when things don’t go as I have planned, I loathe it when people bother my choice of being single, I curse at the screen when the internet connection is being awfully lame. Oh heavens, maybe I really have hypertension (starting healthy lifestyle right away).

I’m patient because I’m heavily allergic to dust. Many times I have to sleep with a mask on or else I would suffer from morning sickness (a disastrous itchiness in my nose that lures me insane). Given the vast impossibility of myself living in a world sterile from dust particle, I can only block the triggers causing this damned allergy.

Being angry is the best trigger so far. (Maybe it’s only me) When I get my blood pressure risen, the heightening of the sensitivity of my senses takes place. It all started with the nose; Magically, my nose will sniff all of the surrounding dust causing mild sneezes. As the sneezing got worsened, three things happened. Firstly, itchiness around my hard and soft palate started ruining my day. You can’t scratch the inside of your mouth, can you? I’m powerless once it happens. Secondly, I sweat from all the sneezing I have done. When I sweat this way, my skin got destructively itchy. Thirdly, if I don’t have both mask and hand-sanitizer around, it will be very likely for me to start rubbing my nose with my dirty hands leaving a big ugly acne the next day. Most of all, all the energy wasted to sneeze will leave me exhausted to further accomplish my tasks.

So, I’m not naturally patient. I have no choice but to hold back all my anger. Unless I do that, I am destroying myself. There, I have replaced a small part of my black box-side with another color. Another “so”, Having myself as one of the extreme cases, I’m begging you not to make anybody angry. The last “so”, by maintaining harmonious life we’re going to live in a utopia.

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