Mrs Rojib writing…

Wednesday July 18, 2012

I want write about everything that was happen yesterday
On July 17..
My day beginning like usually.. Tuesday morning I woke up. Prepare to go to campus, but
poorly, I late (again) icon biggrin Mrs Rojib writing... .

In the morning, something bad happen. I have my menstruation.
I’m so sad. Deep down in my heart, I’m really dissapointed.
I thought that I’m pregnant, because my period late for a view days… But sadly, it was not.
To convince us, I have been doing the test,. but the result was not showing that I’m pregnant.
Too bad… and I know too that (deep in his heart) my husband was also dissapointed.

I like when he touch my belly.. wiped his hands on my belly.. and said to me “our baby…”

God… You know that I really want have a baby. Twins..(maybe, if Allah granted)
I would be very happy to have a babies… I called ‘little rojib’.. and he called ‘little dian’.
It’s cute right? icon smile Mrs Rojib writing... … but the real name for our baby girl, I already prepared.

If the baby is girl, then I will give her name ‘Aurora’.
Why I choose ‘Aurora’ ? Because that name have a special meaning. Aurora was the
name of princess. Sleeping Beauty Princess (The story that i liked when i was as a child). She have a good behavior, kind, pretty, smart, have ability to sing (like his father icon biggrin Mrs Rojib writing... ), and have a long and beautiful hair..
(Hmm… I imagined ) icon smile Mrs Rojib writing...
I like that name.

But if the baby is boy, then I will give his name ‘Abimanyu’.
Why? First, ‘Abimanyu’ is the name from my mom to called my husband (before me and him getting married).
Second, this name have a story too. ‘Abimanyu’ was the name of son of Arjuna.
Very handsome, kind of heart, brave, have a good strategy and instinct to finish the problem (smart kid icon biggrin Mrs Rojib writing... ).

But… if our baby are twins…
The first name that I have been thinking, would be ‘Nakula’ and ‘Sadewa’…. (like the name of twins son in Mahabharata stories, Hastinapura’s Kingdom).. handsome, smart, and wise.

The second name… it would be ‘Malik’ and ‘Ridwan’ .. hehe… (like the name of guardians of Hell and Heaven)
Pretty good, right my husband??? hehe…

But….. if the twin are girls. Hmm… let’s see…
I will give name ‘Anabela’ and ‘Andrea’…
‘Anabela’ have a meaning ‘admiration’ (based on Sansekerta language).. I hope she becomes a child who is admired by the people…
and ‘Andrea’ have a meaning ‘beauty and sympathy’… (it’s based on Yunani language..)
I hope our baby becomes a beautiful girl and sympathy to people… Amien

Truly….. I love it… icon smile Mrs Rojib writing...
Yesterday, our marriage have been running one month (“happy 1st month anniversary my dear hubby..” # emmuach ^^ ).

I hope… we will get our baby.. soon. Because we want it. We really hope it..
And deep down in my heart, I want it truly happens this year…
(Hopefully, Allah SWT will be granted our prayer.. Amien… )

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