Tristyan's Story

Through Story Sharing My Thought

I\m Sorry Good Bye!Tristyanto Prabowo was born on November 9th 1987. This youngest family member graduated from SD N 1 Mlati lor in 2000. Continuing his study in SMP 2 Kudus, he used to be active in Pramuka, and PKS (Patroli Keamanan Sekolah). In 2003 he continued his study in SMA N 1 Kudus. He used to join in Paskibra and became adjutant of flag ceremony. Concerning in a scientific research about alternative energy made his team on the first runner up of Lomba Karya Ilmiah Remaja (LIPI) in 2005.

His study in Muria Kudus University (UMK) brought him to journalism world as a campus journalist in Pena Kampus magazine. Have a good ability in English make him chosen as leader of English Study Club (now English Students Association) period 2007/2008. His good personality and achievement as college students gave him opportunity to joined Beswan Djarum (scholarship from PT Djarum) and lead the organization of Beswan Djarum Kudus in period 2008/2009. It also brought him to many unforgettable experiences including training, outbound, and social activities.

His recent activities are giving a course in Djarum Free Course, and teaching in Elementary school. This calm and quiet man are willing to continue his study in master degree and become lecturer as well as entrepreneur.