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October 7, 2015 .

Happy 9 yearsversary sayang… . . .

I have never thought that you are in to my life for being my special one. .

Eleven years ago, when we are in junior high school, I remember the handsome boy stood few lines for my position. Not so tall, but I know he was so kind and had a warm heart. .

my stupidity. I sent you a letter, contents my willing to be your friend, and to send greetings for you. .

I thought you scare to me for my letter, but you did not. You liked me, I do not know what it was called. Monkey’s love? But you are not a monkey. .

You said I was beautiful, in my 12 year old, but you had never said it directly to me. You sent it via your friend, but I doubted to respond you, because you also often bullied me as “Mbok Jamu” for my big butt. Hahahaha.. .

Allah send you to me to help me find a true way to be a good moeslmah. . Our life is too short, but thanks Allah, I have known you for 12 years, around a half of my life, now and till the end of my life.. .

Thanks being a patient person for listening me always, understanding me always, and giving love to me everytime… . .

I love you, -Penny-




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