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by on Mar.13, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

Now, The Shine from The Sky so Bright. Stars,Animal’s Voice, Cold atmosphere, and Moon always accompany us in every night.i feel so Alone,but when i think deeper again i’m not alone because they are near with me.that’s the life,every thing which is life on this world are our friends. So When The Moon shines so Brightly in this night, i feel that it’s accompany me.when i feel Scared,alone,lonely,and need someone to share. The Moon always with me.
Where’s others??? That’s the Question which i realize.i know,although i on the Moon.but The Fact i’m still Alone..
In this time, i learn more things, such as i always be wistful about the things that i have done before and about The Future.it can make me stronger to struggle this life.yeah.. Be Wistful is very need by us to realize our every action. I’m sure not all our action is benefit for me or for the other.because of that in the behind of that,there is a lot of sense that should i realize and prepare it for a better condition.
I just can conclude that,when we feel alone, but the fact we’re not alone because the people who love us or care to us,they are so missing or accompany us in the far distance, many things which is near with us are our friends, you can see the MOON, in the fact we just can see it silently, but besides shine the light in every night in that time also the moon are accompanying us.so The Feeling that i feel now is Alone on the Moon,because it’s one of the things which is accompany me when i feel alone.thank you GOD for YOUR creation made a Moon for shining this life when there is no Shine Sun..^^

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  • slimjon

    pa kabar sron??

    mudah2n baek yak..
    ditunggu nih kdatangannya ma anak2 DSO purwokerto..

    nitip lapak nih,hehe

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  • yusranadhityakurniawan

    Thank you so much..^^..

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