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Wanna Improve The Quality of Sleep If Longevity

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

sleepWhen you want a long life, begin to improve the quality of sleep. A study proved that most people who reach the age of 100 years have a good sleep quality.

“The age and health condition are two things that are most influenced by the duration and quality of sleep,” said Danan Gu, Ph.D. from Portland State University who led the study, quoted from ScienceDaily.

Since 2005, Gu and his colleagues made observations of China's 15 638 residents aged 65 years and over, in all 22 provinces. A total of 2794 in antarnya aged 100 years or more, while those aged 90-97 years as many as 3927 people.

Sleep quality in 65 percent of participants including good and very good category, with an average duration of 7.5 hours a day including naps. Surprisingly, participants with the age of 100 years and over have the sleep quality better than 70 percent of 65-79 year-old.

Health issues are also closely related to the quality of sleep. Experience deep sleep to participants who have health problems observed 46 per cent lower. This happened to participants who are experiencing anxiety, chronic illness, and routine life unpleasant.

Another fact which is revealed, the relationship between the sexes with sleep quality. Experience deep sleep on male participants 23 percent more than in female participants.

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Excess Sweat Overcoming Difficulties

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

sweatExcessive sweating commonly experienced by many teenagers who sometimes can last until adulthood. This excessive sweating occurs is not out of sports or hot air, but under normal conditions any person is spending a lot of sweat.

Many sweating is healthy, but if it appears too much trouble. Fast wet clothes, uncomfortable and sometimes accompanied by an unpleasant body odor.

In medical terms, the production of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. Excerpted from the Mayo Clinic, this disorder is triggered by excessive stimulation of the sweat glands and generally occurs in the palms of the hands and feet, underarms and whole body.

Hyperhidrosis can be easily overcome by the use antiperspiran, which are sold freely in the form of powder, cream or spray. Can also use anticholinergic drugs which can be obtained by prescription, to inhibit the stimulation of sweat glands.

In addition, there's more powerful way to overcome the injection of Botox hyperhidrosis. This method is quite popular, because many are used to solve various problems such beauty to eliminate wrinkles.

Botox is known to inhibit the release of neurotransmitters causes excessive stimulation of the sweat glands. Therefore, Botox is also used for hyperhidrosis overcome through injections or needles.

Tips to Avoid Excess Perspiration

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How To Check Our Own Heart’s Pulse

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

hearts-lineKnowing the changes in heart rate is very important to know heart problems early. Not only by using special equipment, checking the heart rate can also be done without using tools.

Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per unit of time, usually expressed in beats per minute (beats per minute or bpm).

Heart rate can vary according to changes in oxygen the body needs, such as during exercise or sleep.

Measurement of heart rate is usually used by medical professionals to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions. But you can also check their own heart rate without having to use specialized medical equipment.

As quoted from eHow, Monday (05/03/2010), here I check my heart rate without using special equipment:

1. Use your fingers to find the pulse
Use two fingers or three fingers, namely the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to find your pulse. But do not use your thumb because your thumb has a pulse itself.

Inspection can be done on the wrist (radial pulse) and in the neck (carotid pulse).

At the wrist, use three finger pads of index, middle and ring fingers. The ideal place is below the wrist crease at the base of the thumb. Press lightly until you find the pulse (the blood pulsing beneath the fingers). If necessary, move the fingers until you find the most taut pulse.

In the neck just use two fingers, index and middle fingers. The ideal spot is about one inch to the side of the center of the throat, right where the neck and jaw meet.

2. Check and record level, strength and rhythm
Use a clock or watch in the hands of another. Calculate and record how many pulses that occurred within 10 seconds.

3. Multiplied by 6
Heart rate is the number of beats per minute. So the number of beats for 10 seconds multiplied by the number 6 (60 seconds each with 1 minute). The result is your heartbeat.

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Why Eat Vegetables and Fruits are Important?

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

vegetables and fruitsEating fruits and vegetables is one of the recommendations for a healthy diet, but still many people who do not like eating fruit or vegetables. Why eating fruits and vegetables is important for the body?

The National Cancer Institute recommends everyone eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

There are many reasons why fruit and vegetables is very important for the body. As quoted from HSPH and FamilyEducation, here are several reasons why fruit and vegetables are important:

Each person takes a lot of fruit and vegetable consumption

Many studies have shown that fruits and vegetables is essential for good health. Even fruits and vegetables should be the basis of a healthy diet. Every person, regardless of age, need to double the amount of intake of fruits and vegetables every day.

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Beautiful Woman Can Be Bad For Men’s Health

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

woman-vs-manJust five minutes a man close to a beautiful and attractive women will increase the hormone cortisol aka stressors. If high cortisol levels will worsen the health condition of the man because of the threat of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotence.

The research was discovered by scientists from the University of Valencia. Elevated levels of cortisol will be higher if a beautiful woman who encountered unfamiliar or foreign.

If the man fails to make the approach, the risks facing the worst possible due to rapid increase in cortisol is a stroke and heart attack. British newspaper the Mail edition of Monday (05/03/2010) calls the effect is almost the equivalent of jumping from the plane.

The team from the University of Valencia, Spain, quoted from News.com.au, Tuesday (04/05/2010) conducted a study of 84 male students for a fee of 10 pounds each (about 16 U.S. dollars).

Cortisol levels were measured just before students left alone with a beautiful woman they do not know. Measurements carried out again immediately after the meeting that only lasted five minutes expire.

Initially researchers asked each participant to sit in a room and solve Sudoku puzzles. The contents of the room were two foreigners, one male and one female partispan guy pretty well.

When two strangers left the room, and two people remained seated along the beautiful woman, the man's stress level is still good. But when the participants were left alone with a beautiful woman kortisolnya levels increased sharply immediately.

For the study, deliberately selected young women with beautiful appearance, attractive and captivating. The measurement results showed that cortisol levels of students increased after five minutes alone with the angel.

According to researchers, it indicates that the interaction with the opposite sex can stimulate the release of cortisol. Presumably, the presence of a beautiful woman for most men has formed the perception that there are opportunities for a more intimate relationship.

So what happened when one of the students were successful dating a beautiful woman? The research team claims, the impact is actually much worse when this interaction continues for a long time.

“Ironically, this could actually lead to impotence. The trigger is the nature of chronic cortisol excess, as the impact of stress that is sustainable,” said the researchers.

Cortisol in small doses has a positive effect to improve alertness and beneficial in controlling blood sugar. But this hormone is always increased when she was frustrated so called 'stress hormones'.

Dangerous is chronically elevated levels of cortisol which can exacerbate medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotence.

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Increasing Human Resources In Indonesia Through Information And Communication Technology With The Use of Various Applications on The Internet

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Technology

Along with the development of Information and Communication Technology which has grown  significantly, from these things start popping up various jargon beginning with E, ranging from e-commerce, e-books, e-learning, e-laboratory,mind-of-technology e-education, eLibrary, and so forth. The prefix e-means implicitly understood electronics technology based on digital electronics.

E-book (Electronic Book) is one that utilizes computer technology to display multimedia information in a concise and dynamic. In addition, an e-book can be integrated with a variety of impressions, such as:
? sound,
? graphs,
? image
? animation, and
? movie
so the information is presented more in terms of interface and minimalist, as compared with conventional books because the e-book is the displacement of conventional book into electronic form that can be displayed by the computer. With this technology, of course, hundreds of books can be stored in one CD only.
e-learning is a teaching model utilizing electronic technology as a means of presenting and distributing information. In the definition is covered by radio and television broadcasts of education as one form of e-learning. Although by definition radio and television education is one form of e-learning, is generally agreed that e-learning reaches its peak form after synergize with internet technology. Internet-based learning or web-based learning in its simplest form is a web-site that used to present learning materials. This allows learners to access learning resources provided by resource persons or facilitators whenever desired. If needed, can also provide a special mailing-list for the learning site which serves as a forum for discussion, or with a Video Conference which is currently widely used some school or university to conduct direct instruction (Online) with schools or universities abroad.


3. E-zine
E-zine that comes from the word e-magazine, is a digital form of conventional magazines. Magazine publishing digital format allows suppressed production costs (because they do not need to print) and distribution (for once uploaded to the server, the whole world can access it). Updated content can also be done very quickly so that the latest developments can be served faster. Included in this category is the e-zine e-newspaper that focuses on the latest news and e-journal that focuses on reporting research results.

E-laboratory represents a digital form of facilities and laboratory processes can be simulated digitally. Basically, this software is the animation and simulation software that can be packaged in a CD, DVD and presented in this web-site as a web-based applications (software that runs on Internet network).


Blogs or weblogs are the latest developments in the field of web-based applications. The idea originally started by providing an electronic diary (electronic diaries) for adolescents. Users (Users) can fill in the diary as easy as writing an email, upload (upload) to the server simply by clicking on the icon, and the result is the impression the writing on the browser screen. Internet users in Indonesia and abroad can view these publications by accessing a website address easily and quickly, for example:
• http://blog.djarumbeasiswaplus.org/yusranadhityakurniawan/
• http://yusran.blog.unsoed.ac.id
• http://freeofmp3.blogspot.com
• http://yusran-kurniawan.blog.friendster.com
Dilihjat content in terms of its content, is currently a blog containing a lot of ideas, ideas, and personal opinions about an interesting issue subjectively. Although the accuracy of the information presented is debatable, but most of all blogs allow someone who does not have a web-site design knowledge can easily create a personal web-site and manage and update content very easily and with a short time.
Besides the ease of availability of many other free blog servers. In the context of their utilization for the learning process, the content of the blog content of learners, for example, can be feedback to the facilitators and indirectly can be Jurnalist because it can provide any information to the community with language and thought to himself.

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Implementasi Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi Sebagai Peningkatan Kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia di Era Globalisasi

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Technology

technologyPerkembangan teknologi di era globalisasi ini berkembang dengan pesat, banyak sekali kemajuan-kemajuan yang dapat kita rasakan dalam perkembangan teknologi, terutama dalam bidang Telekomunikasi, Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK). Salah satu kemajuannya yaitu pada jaringan komputer yang saat ini sudah banyak digunakan di berbagai perusahaan, Sekolah, Universitas, dan bahkan di perumahan.

Dengan tersedianya jaringan komputer tersebut, berbagai macam pekerjaan dapat selesai dengan cepat sehingga dapat mengefisienkan waktu.  Selain itu juga jaringan komputer ini mampu menghubungkan komputer satu dengan komputer lainnya. Sebagai contoh dari jaringan komputer adalah internet.

Saat ini penggunaan internet sudah dapat di gunakan untuk berbagai macam hal, sebagai contoh seperti mencari bahan naskah, informasi, lapangan pekerjaan, mengakses fitur lain dan bisnis sebagai mata pencaharian yang dapat menghasilkan keuntungan (uang) dari akses Internet itu sendiri. Dari begitu banyak manfaat yang dapat kita peroleh dengan mudah, Internet menjadikan kebutuhan primer bagi beberapa orang, sehingga Internet disebut juga sebagai jaringan raksasa yang telah menjadi realitas dalam kebutuhan informasi dan komunikasi jutaan manusia di dunia ini.

Persaingan yang begitu ketat di era globalisasi saat ini, hal tersebut membuat tiap individu harus berjuang semaksimal mungkin untuk bersaing dengan individu yang lainnya agar tidak kalah dan terlindas dengan perkembangan zaman. Saat ini pemanfaatan teknologi informasi, komunikasi, dan telekomunikasi sudah dipergunakan dengan cermat dan tepat oleh masyarakat Indonesia, hal ini dibuktikan dengan banyaknya pengguna internet yang memanfaatkan jasa internet untuk menghasilkan uang dari Web, Blog, dan Jejaring sosial (Internet Marketing).

Pemanfaatan semua media tersebut harus dipergunakan sebaik mungkin agar masyarakat Indonesia dapat lebih maju, baik itu wawasannya maupun keahlian dalam penggunaan teknologinya. Karena jika penggunaan internet tesebut tidak dimanfaatkan dengan bijak dan semaksimal mungkin, maka fungsinya akan sia-sia dan tidak terarah dengan baik, oleh karena itu selain meningkatkan bagaimana penggunaan internet secara efektif dan efisien, maka diperlukan sosialisasi mengenai kewirausahaan untuk menunjang kebutuhan Internet Marketing.

Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi memiliki dua aspek, yaitu :

  1. Teknologi Informasi dan
  2. Teknologi Komunikasi.

Teknologi Informasi, meliputi segala hal yang berkaitan dengan proses, penggunaan sebagai alat bantu, manipulasi, dan pengelolaan informasi. Teknologi Komunikasi merupakan segala hal yang berkaitan dengan penggunaan alat bantu untuk memproses dan mentransfer data dari perangkat yang satu ke lainnya. Karena itu, Teknologi Informasi dan Teknologi Komunikasi adalah suatu padanan yang tidak terpisahkan yang mengandung pengertian luas tentang segala kegiatan yang terkait dengan pemrosesan, manipulasi, pengelolaan, dan transfer atau pemindahan informasi antar media yang stu dengan media yang lainnya.

Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi saat ini memiliki peran yang sangat penting dalam dunia pendidikan, karena dengan pendidikan dimungkinkan terjadinya penyebarluasan Teknologi Informasi dan transformasi ilmu pengetahuan untuk sektor-sektor pendidikan. Saat ini para generasi muda sangat terbantu dengan adanya internet dalam mengerjakan berbagai tugas sekolah atau tugas kuliah. Dengan adanya perkembangan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasidi era globalisasi ini, para generasi muda dapat belajar dan memanfaatkan TIK dalam kehidupan mereka sehari-hari dengan baik dan seoptimal mungkin.

Sebagai contoh penerapan TIK yang sudah ada saat ini yaitu dalam bidang e-education, dimana kita sudah mengenal program internet goes to school, community acces point, e-learning, dan smart campus. Penerapan tersebut harus kita manfaatkan semaksimal mungkin agar gegerasi penerus memiliki sumber daya manusia yang lebih berkualitas dibandingkan sebelumnya.

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