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Do not Die Young For Bad Behavior

by on May.10, 2010, under Indonesian Issues 2010

young-peopleIn Jakarta, If you always think positive, then everyone wants to live long and have a healthy body. But not a few people who actually plunged himself to die young by doing a bad habit.

Most people already know that the bad things he did can trigger severe health conditions and lead to death. However, though still many people who still do it.

Note there are some bad habits that can reduce life expectancy or someone to trigger the occurrence of early death, namely smoking, especially if it starts from an early age, alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity at least less than two hours a week and have a bad eating pattern that is consume less fruit and vegetables but consume a lot of fat or sugar.

Researchers from Norway have found that people who have behaviors that allow fatal triple die from heart disease or cancer.

“The pattern of life as it could increase the risk of death four times by various causes and can make a person look 12 years older than her age,” said Dr. Elisabeth Kvaavik, from the University of Oslo.

Besides unhealthy lifestyle causes a person has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and various other health conditions that can trigger blood vessel disease.

Bad habits which occur continuously can destroy a person's life, which can make it become unhealthy, lost a lot of money and cause of death at younger ages.

To prevent this, there must be awareness of that person to want to change the pattern of his life for the better.

.There are some things you can do to stop these bad habits are:

1. Find out about what makes you enjoy these bad habits, and consider why it is so indulge this bad habit. Once known cause, try to rethink this and make changes.
2. Consistent with an ongoing effort to change bad habits. If you have a sincere desire to change, then try making these changes every day.
3. Maintaining change this habit during the three weeks. A study conducted last few years show an ingrained habit could be if it has been conducted about three weeks. So during that time to do modifications to maintain it.
4. Try to have the idea that what is done today will be far more positive and bring benefit yourself and also others.
5. Received support from people around the time of need. As far as possible away from the things that could trigger a return to bad habits.

To avoid death at younger ages due to unhealthy lifestyles, should avoid all bad habits that could increase the risk of death from various diseases. Begin to change into a healthier lifestyle.


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