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If You Wanna Never Hurt When Stuck Rain, Walking or Running?

by on May.13, 2010, under Indonesian Issues 2010

rainIn my Country Indonesia, Rain sometimes makes a headache because the air pressure is low. People will usually quick to avoid the rain with the hope that no ill. When trapped rain, which should be running as usual or running hard?

Body condition during the rainy season then it's usually easy to drop as much as possible not too wet if it was not fit.

Some diseases in the rainy season include dizziness, flu, dengue fever, diarrhea, vomiting, dysentery, intestinal worms. When body is wet, damp clothes that make a home causing mold and fungus on the skin like the groin, between toes, breast fold.

Presumably sprinted through the rain to run only safer than walking alone because the body will be more wet. Overview assuming it is true, because by running the rain will be much briefer. But running will make the blows that rain water does not only come from above, but also from the front so it is quite reasonable to run when the rain just makes it more moist.

Excerpted from the Gazette,  two scientists from North Carolina, Thomas Peterson and Trevor Wallis never do experiments about it. They do it in the Appalachian mountain region during rainstorms in the summer of 1996.
In the rain, Wallis ran as far as 100 yards in their office parking lot while Peterson was just walking. Both are wearing hats and clothing made from the same, such as cotton.

Once through the pouring rain, their clothes immediately weighed. Peterson turned out clothes for 40 percent more weight than wet by rain water that ran Wallis clothes quickly.

Wettest part is the hat, which shows a splash coming from the top. They concluded that the longer is under the rain will be more wet.

Meanwhile, researchers from Canada, Doug Craigen add another factor affecting the level of wetness when through the rain. According to him, also has an effect in body shape and height, especially bees shoulder.

Can also be more wet running

Meanwhile, Nick Allen of the Royal Astronomical Society, quoted from the BBC (05/12/2010), giving a different opinion about the rain. According to him, running very fast as wet with nothing in the longer time under the rain.

This is caused by some uncontrollable variables like the speed of falling rain (velocity), rain water density, and body size. Which can be controlled only running speed and duration of time while flying in the rain.

The other variable is also worth noting of course the wind direction, which determines the angle of rain coming. Running against the direction of arrival of the rain soaked course will be more than running in the same direction.

If the decision to run or walk must be made within a short time so as not to get sick of rain, the variables may be too complicated to be calculated.

The following tips apply when more practical to forget to bring an umbrella so that the body was not too wet, so avoid dizziness and colds:

1. Choose a location for the shelter, such shelter or overhang of the store. Determine the direction of both routes to be taken
2. Observe the arrival angle of rain, compared with the intended direction
3. If unidirectional, running is the best choice. If the opposite direction, ran only be made faster or even more wet wet
4. If not possible route in a straight, adjust the step at every turn. Occasionally walk, then run again.

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