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Nerve Disease Migraine Apparently Derivatives

by on May.14, 2010, under International Issues

sarafIn Cambridge, people first learned about migraine from the time of 1500 BC (BCE). The headaches are commonly experienced, but few understand it. And the fact that migraine is a disease carried since birth and is derived from the parent.

Although migraine is not life threatening, but the headaches this is a disease classified as severe and many people do not know.

“In fact, migraine is a complex neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and is accompanied by physical symptoms and emotional,” said Dr. Carolyn Bernstein, neurologists from Cambridge Health Alliance-Cambridge Campus, as reported from Dailymail .

Dr. Bernstein himself attracted to specialize neurology because it is also often experienced a migraine since the age of 20 years. According to him, not many people know about the causes of migraine disease and how to overcome them. So that specialization is quite attractive.

And in his book entitled 'The Migraine Brain', Dr. Bernstein explains that migraine is caused by brain abnormalities.

Migraine is not a result of mental health problems or signs of hypochondria (health phobia or worry too much with a serious illness), or patient error.

Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder from birth, and in many cases the disease is inherited from both parents.

Migraine is derived from the mother

The surprise was one of five women and one of 20 men in the UK has been suffering from migraine. Migraine is the ninth leading cause of disability in the world, and is more common than diabetes or asthma.

Research shows that between 70 to 80 percent suffer from migraines have a family history of migraine also suffered, especially of maternal factors.

Because this disease is caused by a genetic condition, then there is no drug that can actually cure the disease. Existing medications can only reduce and minimize the symptoms caused.

According to Dr. Bernstein, who has no experience or history of migraine an exact match. This can lead to very difficult to compare the trigger migraines experienced by a person to another.

There is a myth that says that migraine sufferers should avoid chocolate and foods with MSG. This is not entirely correct. For some people this might be kind of food can be a migraine trigger, but this did not apply for all people who suffer from migraine.

Every person has different triggers. Migraine triggers may be from red wine, weather changes, lack of sleep or the stinging smell of perfume.

The trigger is not only disrupt the brain, but also interferes with the work, because it triggers biochemical chain reactions that can cause some symptoms.

Unlike a regular headache, migraine also involves an entirely different experience and almost always include some reactions and physical symptoms.

85 percent of migraine patients experience continuous throbbing head, the pain is felt with every beat of heart, like a knife who stabbed repeatedly in the head.

For years, doctors thought that migraine is caused by vasodilation, ie widening of blood vessels in the brain and suppress the structure-sensitive to pain.

True, for many patients with migraine, headache is one of the symptoms that accompany migraine. But the migraine itself almost never just a pain in the head, there are other symptoms that accompany it.

Migraine symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, numbness or odd sensations in the skin, changes in vision, hunger, speech slurred, his eyes red and excessive crying. These symptoms are very diverse and complex.

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The Causes Of People Hallucinate

by on May.14, 2010, under Indonesian Issues 2010

halusinasiIn My country, especially in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Unconscious, everyone must have experienced hallucinations in the form of sound or visual. What causes people to hallucinate?

Hallucinations usually involves something that is felt or heard, but that did not exist when someone is awake or conscious.

Hallucinations usually occur without stimulation of the brain is present and can not distinguish between reality and fantasy. It usually occurs in the form of smell, taste, sight, sound or touch feeling.

As quoted from nlm.nih.gov and Buzzle.The cause of the hallucinations that occur usually depends on what type of hallucinations experienced by these people, namely:

Auditory hallucinations

Auditory hallucinations such as hearing voices, music or like her name-calling, but when he saw around him that does not exist. Also sometimes also arises the speaking voice or her to do something.

Hallucinations of this type is usually more common in psychotic conditions like schizophrenia, depression or isolation. A very strong depression can interfere the normal function of the human mind. Whereas when someone isolated from the social world would be a bad influence on his mind because there is no normal outlet for their social needs.

Visual hallucinations (visual)

Visual hallucinations usually occur gradually and starts with someone seeing things in various forms such as shadow, the pattern of flashes of light or object. But the most common perception is to see human beings or animals that are not there.

Hallucinations associated with seeing something usually influenced by drugs such as narcotics, marijuana or certain medications that can make a person's perception disturbed. Tricks distracting thoughts can cause hallucinations constant awareness.

Other causes are people suffering from dementia will often see things move or visualize a situation or condition and this is generally regarded as a definitive sign of dementia.

Exhaustion and fatigue factors

When a person feels fatigue and exhaustion, the brain would be too tired and can not work properly. So that blur the line between what is real and Imaginated and produce hallucinations that are trusted by the person.

Someone who started hallucinating and often can not distinguish between imagination should real dams should immediately see a doctor.

Since many medical conditions that can cause hallucinations. Someone who can fantasize about an advanced nervous, frightened and paranoid therefore should not be left alone.

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