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Mental Disorders Are Controversial

by on May.18, 2010, under Indonesian Issues 2010

jiwaIn Jakarta, mental disorders often connotations with crazy people in the street or in a mental hospital. Yet not only that, many other deviant behaviors are classified as mental disorders, even controversial.

Anything controversial mental disorder?

As quoted from the LiveScience, following 10 controverial mental disorder:

1. Gender identity disorders

The most controversial in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM mental disorders or guidelines) is a disorder of gender identity or gender dysphoria is called.

Gender identity disorders that is when someone who has normal sexual anatomy but want to change the opposite sex with gender at birth.

2. Sex addiction

According to the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, sexual addiction is marked by a lack of control over a person's sexual behavior.

Sex addiction is not merely due to illness could not resist the temptation or sexual stimulation, but also because of an inability to control behavior.

3. Homosexuality

Sexual interactions in people with the same sex has become controversial since the first. People who perform a type called a homosexual sexual relations, and is divided into a gay (male homosexual), or lesbians (homosexual women).

4. Asperger Syndrome

Overview of Asperger's syndrome looks normal, has no physical problems and have a normal intelligence level. New problems arise when patients have to interact with others.

Asperger syndrome looks weird and has no concern and empathy when communicating with people. Patients did not know the meaning of body language like smiling, sad face, happy that people who do not know that his interlocutor with Asperger's Syndrome will taste weird.

5. Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder or manic depression is also called mood disorder characterized by extreme mood swings. Sufferers can feel tremendous sadness, and in another occasion turned into euphoria or a sense of overwhelming happiness.

In manic phases, or joy, optimism and self confidence increases and tends to be unrealistic. In contrast to the phase of depression sufferers feel nervous and excited. Certain severity is characterized by drug addiction and a desire to commit suicide.

6. ADHD in adults

Behavioural hyperactivity or ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) has been more commonly found in children. But it also can be experienced ADHD adults.

ADHD is a disorder of executive functions of the brain, the inability to plan, start something at the right time, eliminating a step and immediately ended it at the right time. This is because there is no balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Adults with ADHD possibility of experiencing drug or substance abuse, accidents, difficulty to work normally and also difficult in maintaining relationships. But they are usually very intelligent, energetic, charismatic, creative and able to focus attention on the one that interested him.

7. Dissociative disorders or dissociative identity Identity Disorder (DID)

Dissociative identity disorders, also known as multiple personality disorder.

Multiple personality is a mental illness that are difficult to detect. People who are unstable, loss of memory or have a past that is gripping the vulnerable have dual or multiple personalities personal.

8. Narcissistic personality disorder

Someone with an ego increased, the need for praise and lack empathy for others, it is called a narcissistic personality disorder.

Narcissistic patients believe they are superior to others and less attention to others' feelings. But behind the mask of self-esteem are fragile, vulnerable to the criticism a bit.

Although narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it is not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder across the normal boundaries of trust and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself.

9. Penis envy (penis envy)

Pioneer of psychoanalysis in the 1800s and early 1900s, Sigmund Freud, believes that sex differences of male and female causes women to feel inferior. Women who are envious of this man's genitals called penis envy or penis envy.

10. Hysteria

In Victorian times, hysteria was a diagnosis for women in a state of distress.

Symptoms such as excessive release of emotion by yelling, dissatisfaction, weakness, and neurological disorders. Hysteria usually triggered by anxiety and depression.


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  • dayana

    gw rasa ga hanya di jakarta deh…kayaknya di kota kecil kayak padang juga mulai terjangkit mental disorder..
    dayana’s page

  • yusranadhityakurniawan

    Apa benar? wow, new news that… thank you :) keep share..^^

  • Amanda @ TreatVaginismus.com

    Good post.. some of these mental disorders are controversial even though they shouldn’t be. For example many people believe sexual addiction and dissociative identity disorder don’t even exist, even though people really do suffer from them every day.

  • yusranadhityakurniawan

    Yes, that’s right.it back depend of us to face it. but thank you for the comment. keep share :)

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