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Terrible Effects of Electrocuted

by on May.24, 2010, under Information Technology

electricityShocking by electricity can be a scary thing for anyone, because if the high-voltage or prolonged can cause death. Any injury suffered by the people who electrocuted?

Electricity is one of the requirements for helping a variety of activities. But if someone is not careful in its use, it is actually useful things could endanger yourself and those around him.

As quoted from HowStuffWorks, human body is a conductor (electrically conductive) that is very good, because about 70 percent of the human body consists of water.

This makes it very easy flow of electricity through the human body in seconds. The higher the electric current and long accepted by the body, the more serious injuries caused.

Regardless of the electricity received by the body still cause shock or vibration. But this stress can sometimes be felt by someone but there is also not felt by the body.

Minimal small electrical shocks can cause a person experience headaches, fatigue or muscle spasms, unconsciousness, and shortness of breath while temporary.

But if it lasts longer or in higher voltage can cause burns, vision loss, brain damage, heart attacks, stop breathing and death.

If someone in shock for a moment, then only will cause pain. But if the voltage is high enough can also cause fatal, although only a few seconds. For example if the flow reaches 100 mA, the possibility can cause death in just over two seconds.

A person will only be able to survive on less electrical current than 10 mA, because they still have control over the muscles of the arm. If more than that, chances are they have no control anymore. This makes a person not be able to release electrical equipment (increasingly tightened its grip on power tools), so that electricity will become stronger through the body and cause serious injuries.

The electrical current can cause severe damage to the body more, but sometimes not visible to the eye. A person may experience internal bleeding, tissue damage, nerve and muscle or even cause hidden injuries. However, if the voltage is too high, death can not be avoided.

If there is someone who is electrocuted, you should not touch the person because the electricity can move in and make both the tersetrum together.

Use tools that do not deliver electricity to drive the victim or revoke a stop contact. After a disposable towel dry off to check his breathing and immediately seek medical help.


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