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7 Health Benefits of Crying

by on May.27, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

cryCrying was no good ? If can make a run crying into swollen red eyes. But weep and shed tears of wonder drug also can be useful for health of body and mind. how long the period? The following 7 cry for health benefits.

There are several reasons for crying:

1. Crying for love and tenderness.
2. Crying out of fear.
3. Cry for love.
4. Crying for joy.
5. Crying in the face of suffering.
6. Crying because it was too sad.
7. Crying because it feels humiliated and weak.
8. Crying because follow-involved people crying.
Nine. Crying for a charity.
Crying == hypocrites pretending to cry.

Here are seven health benefit to cry can you get after crying and tears out.

1. Helps eyesight

Tears turned out to help the vision of a person, not just the eye itself. Discharge from the eyes to prevent dehydration in the eye membrane that can make the vision become blurred.

2. Kill bacteria

No need eye drops, tears enough that serves as a natural antibacterial. In the liquid contained in tears, called the “lisozom” that can kill around 90-95 percent of bacteria-2 was left of the computer keyboard, railing, sneeze and place-2-containing bacteria, in just five minutes.

3. Improve mood

Someone who can cry because of lower levels of depression by crying, mood someone would be lifted again. Tears were generated from the type to cry with emotion contains 24 percent protein, albumin, which is useful in regulating the body's metabolism system than tears resulting from irritation of the eyes.

4. Removing toxins

A biochemist William Frey has conducted several studies about tears and found that the tears that came out of the emotional cry because it contains toxic.

But make no mistake, watering a poisonous it signifies that he brought the poison from the body and out through the eye.

5. Reduce stress

How crying can reduce stress? Tears turned out to also release stress hormones contained in the body that is “leucine-endorphin encaphaline” and “prolactine.”

In addition to lowering levels of stress, tears also help fight disease-2 caused by stress such as high blood pressure.

6. Building community

In addition to good physical health, crying can also help someone build a community. Usually someone in tears after telling the problem in front-2'nya friend or someone who can provide support, and this can increase the ability to communicate and socialize.

7. Comforting feeling

Everyone seemed to feel so. Although you are bothered by various kinds of problems and trials, but after crying usually will appear a sense of relief.

After crying, the limbic system, brain and heart will become fluent, and it makes a person feel better and relieved. Remove it matter in your mind through the tears, do not be buried because you can cry explosive.

Now, by knowing 7 cry for health benefits, so if you want to cry, cry if the need to cry because we are all humans .. ? showed all you sad or angry feelings by crying.


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