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Nine Benefits That Can Be Obtained From The Activity of Walking.

by on May.27, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

walk(1) Heart Attack.

First of course reduce
the risk of heart attack.
We know that muscle

the heart requires more
blood flow profusely (from coronary artery

who gave her food) in
order to fit and function normally without stopping the blood pumping.
For that, the heart
muscle requires the bloodstream

more rapidly and
Hie walking speed in
coronary blood flow to the heart.
Thus the adequacy of
oxygen the heart muscle and heart muscle are met can stay awake for
quite a beat.

Not only that. Flexibility of the
arteries of trained body

contract and will be
helped by mengejangnya expands the muscles around the walls of blood
vessels while engaged in activities on foot rushed it.
The end result, the blood
pressure tends to be lower, adhesions antarsel blood clots that can
cause blood clots stopper vessels will also be reduced.

Moreover, the good
cholesterol (HDL), which works as a sponge

absorbing the bad
cholesterol (LDL) will increase by foot

hie. Not many ways out of
drugs that can increase HDL levels in addition to the moving body.
Walking hurriedly
recorded can reduce the risk of heart attack to just half.

(2). Stroke.

Despite the benefits of
walking hurriedly towards stroke

not as real influence on
coronary heart disease, some studies have shown satisfactory results.
Just look at the natural
evidence of our ancestors were more engaged in activities on foot every
day, old stroke cases are not as much now.
One study of 70 thousand
nurses (Harvard School of Public Health) that the work was recorded
walking activity as much as 20 hours a week reduced their risk of stroke

(3). Stable weight.

It turned out to
familiarize walking routine, the rate of metabolism

enhanced body. In addition to a number
of calories wasted by activity

walk, the excess calories
that might exist would be burned by

increasing the body's
metabolism, so weight gain is not


(4). Lose weight.

Yes, in addition
maintained a stable weight, those who start

overweight, may be
derived by performing activities

hie walk it regularly. Excess lard in

under the skin will be
burned if diligently engaged in activities on foot

sufficient rate of at
least one hour.

(5). Preventing diabetes.

Yes, to get moving on
foot around 6 miles per hour,

travel time approximately
50 minutes, it can delay or prevent

development of Type 2
diabetes, especially in those who bodied

overweight (National
Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Diseases Gigesive &).

As we know that cases of
diabetes that can be solved without

need to take medication,
can be done by selecting a bodybuilding routine

periodically. During the blood sugar
can be controlled simply by moving

bodies (Brisk walking),
the drug is not required.
That means that

hie walk the same
benefits with antidiabetic drugs.

(6). Preventing osteoporosis.

That's right. With bodybuilding and
walk fast, not only

muscles of the body that
is backed, but the bones as well.
For calcium metabolism,
is also necessary to move the body, other than morning light exposure
Not enough extra calcium
and vitamin D alone to prevent or slow the process of osteoporosis.
The body also requires
body movement and require a period of not less than 15 minutes of
exposure to the sun in the morning to be free from the threat of
Those who exercise since
his youth, and consume enough calcium, until the age of 70 years is
estimated to be freed from the threat of bone loss.

(7). Relieves arthritic knee.

Over a third of elderly
people in America have arthritis knee

(Osteoarthiris). By getting used to
walking fast or

choose to walk in the
swimming pool, arthritic knee pain can

subsided. For those who suffer from
arthritic knee, foot activity needs to be intermittent, not daily.
The aim is to provide
opportunities for the joint to recover.
One thing to remember for
people with arthritic ankles or legs: do not mistakenly choose the
sports shoes.
We know, with
increasingly pertambahnya age, joint space narrow, the lining of the
joints more susceptible to thinning, and joint space fluid was
Condition of joints that
are like that needs to be guarded and protected so as not to experience
severe shocks by the load weight, especially in the fat.
When the bearings (sol)
less tender sneakers, shoes failed act as shock absorbers (shock
That means the joints
continue to experience heavy shock load during walking, especially when
running or jumping.
This is exacerbating the
condition of joints, and sparked attacks cause joint pain or joint
disease in those at risk of joint disorders.

The emergence of joint
pain after walking activity, could

so because of the wrong
type of sports shoes.
Branded shoes

determine the quality
cushions, other anatomical suitability of the foot.

Habit of walking
barefoot, even indoors

though, can worsen the
condition of the joints of leg and foot,

and shock loads that must
be borne by the joints.

(8) Depression.

It turned out that moving
the body with a quick walk also helps

patients with depression
Strolling could hie

replace antidepressants
should be taken regularly.
Happenings Studies

free from depression on
foot has been done over 10


(9). Cancer can also arise if
we diligently canceled on foot, at least the type of colon cancer
(colorectal carcinoma).

We know, moving the body
part launched intestinal peristalsis, so that

defecate more orderly. Colorectal cancer is
also triggered by

Fecal retention for
longer in the digestive tract.
Another study also

mentions the role of
walking to the possibility of a reduced risk of developing breast

Hopefully useful.


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