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Ball Watch Create Safe Patient High Blood

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ballFor football fans, the 2010 World Cup mat is an opportunity to celebrate, not least for people who suffer from hypertension aka high blood pressure. But there are several ways to get people with hypertension can safely enjoy the World Cup.

On the other hand, the excitement with the coming World Cup season can cause a victim from the health side, particularly among football fans who suffer from hypertension. Sometimes, this can lead to fatal consequences.

However, football fans are suffering from hypertension should not be discouraged, because there are several ways that you can safely enjoy the World Cup without the worry with sustained hypertension.

As quoted from Buzzle, Tuesday (06/08/2010), the following six ways to enjoy the World Cup is safe for patients with hypertension:

1. Avoid consuming beverages that keep you awake

To be able to enjoy the live broadcast of World Cup depends on the time zone of a country, in Indonesia could be aired late at night. Therefore, usually a lot of people drink caffeine or other stimulants that can make the eyes stay awake.

But this should not be made by football fans who suffer from hypertension. Caffeine will only aggravate your blood pressure and can be fatal. We recommend that people who suffer from hypertension, sleep first before watching a live broadcast of the World Cup.

2. Avoid watching in public places

For people who suffer from hypertension, do not watch the game on a crowded public place or places, such as pubs and restaurants, which many people commented haphazardly, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Comments are not pleasant, smoke cigarettes and alcoholic beverages can aggravate the situation of people who suffer from blood pressure in hypertension.

3. Enjoy the World Cup with loved ones

For people with hypertension, secure and best way to enjoy the World Cup is surrounded by loved ones. Besides giving comfort, people who love you of course will always keep and pay attention to your condition, because they know that most of your health condition.

4. Avoid watching the penalties

For football fans who suffer from hypertension, penalties can be likened to watching a worm doused brine. Most of the fatal incidents that occurred during the heart of World Cup season because of patient watching penalties.

Roberto Baggio and Diego Maradona, two legends of football, known to pass through penalty kicks with the health consequences are very bad for the fans around the world.

So, if one of the 2010 World Cup matches should be determined by penalty kicks, then the best way for patients with hypertension is to avoid watching it.

5th. Avoid excessive celebration when you win winning team

The World Cup is identical with a massive celebration when the football team dijagokan can become champions. But for football fans who suffer from hypertension should not do such a celebration.

If a hypertensive dancing naked in the streets, jumping on top of vehicles, scream or cry out for a wild victory celebration, then it is probable that person will be celebrating another victory in the morgue.

6. Remember to keep your diet and arrange a consultation with a doctor

Meriahnya World Cup should not make you forget the promise of a healthy diet and consulting a doctor. Hypertensive patients could have been enjoying the World Cup that lasted four years, the home still apply healthy lifestyles.

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