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Human Brain Always Looking Over His Body Width

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

mirrorAlthough the reality was very thin, every woman must have looked in the mirror and then anxiously, “Do I look fat?”. Do not rush to say it Feminisme, because the human brain is the body's own see 69 percent wider than the actual size.

Quoted from the Telegraph, this phenomenon is revealed in research conducted by scientists at University College London. Believed, these findings can explain the causes of eating disorders like anorexia.

In that study, 18 volunteers were asked to invert the palm of his hand and then closed with a board. Then, from behind the boards that the volunteers were asked to estimate the location of 10 points and sections of the fingertips and then show it with the pointer.

The points shown were then compared with actual hand shapes and sizes. It turned out that these estimates form the size of 69 percent wider than the original. Similarly, long fingers, the volunteers estimated 27.9 percent on average shorter than the original.

Dr Matthew Longo who led the study said, estimating the error occurs in the subconscious and involve parts of the brain that perceives sizes. These sections make someone aware of the location of the body even with my eyes closed.

“Someone certainly recognize parts of his body, proved to be one of the volunteers did not recognize her own image even if made in various sizes. But in estimating the position, it does not apply,” Dr Longo.

This effect becomes very visible in women, who tend to be sensitive to body size in certain parts such as stomach and hips. Experts peyakini this is closely related to anorexia.

“We know that patients with anorexia nervousa also experience disturbances in body imaging. They may feel fat, even though the reality was very thin,” said Susan Ringwood from the Beat, a charity for anorexia.

Ringwood assess these findings could explain the conditions experienced by patients with anorexia are more rational. Feeling that her body is more fat is not simply a form of anxiety, but rather triggered by the natural perception in the brain.


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