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BROWN EYES More Character Compared Than BLUE EYES

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

eyes1Dominance of a person in a group is associated with eye color, especially in men. The man with brown eyes tend to be more influential than men with blue eyes, although its cause is not with the eyes.

Quoted from MSNBC,  this trend was revealed when the experts in the Czech Republic conducted a study on 62 people. Participants were asked to rank the 80 photos of men and women, related to the observed dominance impression of his face.

Eye color in these photos had been modified at random by the program Photoshop. Images that previously have blue eyes changed to brown or another color, and vice versa.

When compared, the most dominant impression was found by participants in a brown eyed man in the photo although his eye color has changed to other color. This trend does not occur on the image of women.

This proves, despite the tendencies associated with eye color, but its cause lies not in the eye. Some speculation then spreads to explain it.

The first allegation, eye color have a relationship with a face so his impression remains the same even though eye color changed. Brown-eyed men generally have a wide chin and mouth, nose, bigger, closer distance of both eyes wide and eyebrows.

“This finding is very surprising, totally unexpected. It should be investigated further, what eye color connection with face shape,” said Benedict Jones of the University of Aberdeen who are involved in such research.

The next alleged unequal treatment in childhood. Perhaps because of the cute, boy with blue eyes tend to be much longer treated as a child than brown-eyed peers.

blue-eyesThis conjecture is strengthened by the results of previous research. Boys in blue-eyed preschoolers more likely to say they have problems than brown-eyed, although the trend was lost with age.

The next speculation trying to combine both the above allegations. Underdevelopment experienced by blue-eyed man in childhood causes hormonal differences in growth, so that gives specificity to the face shape.

Whatever the cause, researchers believe that the new blue eyes known between 6000 to 10,000 years ago. Prior to the mutation which reduces the production of brown pigment in the iris, everyone has brown eyes.

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