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10 Factors That 90 Percent Reduce Stroke Risk

by on Jun.19, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

strokeThere are many risk factors that can trigger a stroke. However, a recent study classifies 10 risk factors which, if avoided may reduce the risk by 90 percent.

Quoted from Dailymail, the ten factors are identified when researchers from McMaster University studied 3000 patients with stroke. Lifestyle of the patients compared with 3,000 healthy people as control.

The results showed, the first five risk factors play a role in 80 percent of cases of stroke in patients. All five are high blood pressure, smoking, abdominal fat, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

When added 5 next factor, the risk of stroke increased to 90 percent. Five second factor is diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, stress or depression, heart problems and weak molecule apolipoprotein isebut ayng blood.

“With the discovery of the ten factors, interventions that target low blood pressure and smoking less, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can reduce stroke risk substantially,” said Dr Martin O'Donnell is involved in the study.

Stroke occurs when the brain deprived of oxygen. The most common type of ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood clots block blood flow to the brain. Can also be triggered by the outbreak of the blood vessels, causing bleeding in the brain (stroke hemoraghy).

Of all risk factors, high blood pressure is the most important factor, which causes a third of stroke cases. Compared with normal people, people with high blood pressure 2.5 times greater risk of stroke.

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Discover The 5 Types of Headaches

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headacheTreating headaches should not be in vain, because the types and causes vary. Because if not careful, one can instead choose drugs trigger other types of headaches.

Kind of a mild headache that most drugs can indeed heal with regular headaches. But there also must be followed by antibiotics, or even a supplement to maintain nerve function.

In order not wrong in choosing the drug, identify five types of headaches, as quoted from Health.com, the following.

1. Tension headache
Is a type of headache most common form of pain or soreness that is felt constantly around your temples and neck and head back. Not bad migraine, tension headache is not accompanied by nausea and vomiting and not too distracting activity. Drugs that are sold free powerful enough to handle, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen.

Experts suspect that the cause of this type of headache is the contraction of neck and scalp that usually accompanies stress conditions. Can also be triggered by changes in chemical composition in the brain.

2. Cluster headache
Type of headache this one more in men than in women. Usually occurs suddenly in one group, with symptoms of severe pain on one side of the head. Sometimes accompanied by watery eyes, nasal congestion and runny snot on the same side of the head. Someone who experienced it would feel nervous, uncomfortable as in migraine sufferers.

The exact cause is unknown, but believed to be the interference with the genetic component. There is no drug that can effectively cure, but medications can reduce pain symptoms.

3. Sinus headache
Experiencing sinus inflammation due to infection can cause pain in the head. Usually accompanied by fever, and need to be checked with MRI or CT scan to determine changes in fluid composition, or with fiber optic to see any pus.
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