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What The Difference Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

psicologyMany laymen mistakenly regarding psychologists and psychiatrists and assume they are the same as it involves mental problems. Actually, what distinguishes the two professions?

If you want it simple, short explanations like this, the psychiatrist can provide medication, while psychologists can not prescribe.

Meanwhile, if seen from a background in education, psychologists are psychology graduates who have participated in undergraduate academic programs (undergraduate psychology) and graduate school as a psychologist.

While psychiatrists are specialists who have completed undergraduate education degree (bachelor of medicine), education and the education profession as a medical specialist psychiatric unit.

As quoted from the Code of Conduct issued Himpsi Psychology (Psychologists Association of Indonesia), Monday (21/06/2010), psychologists and psychiatrists are equally deep psychological science and all things related to human development.

Both these professions also have the same concentration practices, such as handling, prevention, diagnose and provide therapy.

However, the most distinguishing here is in terms of drug therapy (pharmacotherapy). Drug therapy may only be performed by a psychiatrist, that in fact the medical backgrounds more involved in the clinical handling. While psychologists focus more on social aspects, such as providing treatment in the form of psychological therapy (psychotherapy).

Although it does not cover any possibility that psychologists studying medical science, this one therapy (pharmacotherapy) can not be done haphazardly, as has been stated in the code of ethics of each profession. This is because the psychiatrist, also known as Doctor of Medicine Specialist Life, more studied the content in drug therapy and have permission to give it.

But in practice, either a psychologist or psychiatrist can cooperate with each other. Psychologists can refer clients to consult a psychiatrist or other specialist fields as there are things that need to be addressed further, and vice versa. This depends on the case or the issues faced by clients and depending on which aspects need to be addressed first.

The problem is generally dealt with by psychologists and psychiatrists is aberration issues surrounding such behavior with juvenile delinquency, school phobia, anxiety problems, family conflicts, crises of confidence, until the issue is interference hallucinations, schizophrenia, and others.

So you've understood the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists.


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