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earth_from_spaceEarth was created as a place to hold the drama of human life. Everything that exists on Earth was made for man. Starting from the atmosphere, mountains, rain, wind, plants and preserve the billions of pliers, all created by God to serve mankind. This is explained by God himself, in his words below.
QS. Al Baqarah (2): 29
“Alloh.SWT who created all that exists on this earth for you, and He willed to the heaven, and make the seven heavens. And Alloh is Knower of all things “

Here we feel how there is 'intentional' is very large to make this world as a stage drama of our lives. So, to support the occurrence of life on Earth is a perfect God created various facilities to humans.

Starting from the spherical shape of Earth, its slope is 23.5 degrees, seven layers of the atmosphere as a protector of life, the Earth is rotating (spinning to myself) with a speed of more than 1600 km per hour, and even the speed of revolution (m engitari the Sun) which very high.

Similarly, the measured levels of rain water, air composition is very typical, and billions of other facilities are very complex, there are in nature all around us, including the crops and all the animals on the surface of this planet. To understand it, let us look at some of them.

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