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Bath First Prior To No Pollution on Swimming Pool

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swimming-poolNot only just sweat and urine which can contaminate the pool. When reacted with chlorine, the remnants of cosmetics and sunscreens that pollute the pool water was not less dangerous.

These products contain lots of nitrogen, which when reacted with chlorine or other disinfectants can form toxic compounds. Presumably, these compounds can trigger genetic mutations in humans.
Excerpted from the LiveScience, the risk posed by these mutations was quite serious. Starting from birth defects, premature aging, respiratory disorders, can even trigger cancer.

A professor of genetics, Michael Plewa reveal that in a study at the University of Illinois. Reports have been published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

He collects water samples from a number of public swimming pools that use various types of disinfectants such as brominate, chlorine and ultraviolet radiation. He also compared the levels of pollution in the indoor pool with outdoor pool.

Having observed with molecular technology, content or compounds genotoksin trigger DNA damage is more commonly found in water use as a purifier brominat. The use of chlorine and ultraviolet radiation is relatively safe.

In addition, the activity of more genotoksin also observed in water samples taken from the indoor pool. But Prof Plewa not explain why swimming in open spaces safer from the risk of pollution that trigger genetic damage.

He only recommends the pool manager to replace the pool water regularly and combine the use of disinfectants with ultraviolet radiation. In addition, visitors who want to swim is also advisable to take a shower first so free from the remnants of beauty products.

Previously, a study in Belgium has revealed the dangers of chlorine use in swimming pools. In some children are sensitive, these materials can trigger an asthma attack.

Chlorine can also react with organic compounds derived from the leaves of garbage, sweat and urine. These reactions produce compounds that can trigger irritation of the eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract.

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