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My Story: IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES (We All Love You Mba Gadis)

by on Jul.27, 2010, under Story Life

diriku-dan-waktuAs an apology to an old friend who I had never greeted, a friend who had a long time I did not hear the voice and the word, friends who in the past may have hurt me, then please send me this paper: “It's okay, do you still exist today tomorrow ”

At one place, there lived a child. She lives in a happy family, with parents and relatives. But, he always regard it is something normal. He kept playing, interrupting his sister and his brother, create problems for other people is his favorite. When he realized his mistake and want to apologize, he always said, “It's okay, tomorrow it could be.”

When a bit older, school is very fun for him. He learned, make friends, and very happy. However, he considers it perfectly natural course. All just fro that he considers all of it's natural. One day, she fights with her best friend. Although he knew it was wrong, but never took the initiative to apologize and mend fences with her best friend. The reason is, “It's okay, tomorrow it could be.”

When he was a little big, a good friend was not his friend anymore. Although he still saw his friend, but they never chided each other. But it's not a problem, because he still had plenty of other good friends. He and his friends do everything together, playing, doing homework, and roads. Yes, they are all his friends the best.

After graduating, working to keep her busy. He met a girl who was very beautiful and good. This girl later became his girlfriend. He was so busy with work, because he wanted to be promoted to the highest position in the shortest possible time.

Sure, he longed to see her friends. But he never again contacted them, even over the phone. She always says, “Ah, I'm tired, tomorrow I call them.” It's not too distracting him because he had a co-worker friends are always willing to come out.

So, time passed, he completely forgot to call her friends.

After she married and had children, she worked harder to be in a happy family. He never again buy flowers for his wife, or even to remember his wife's birthday and their wedding day. It does not matter to her, because she always understood him, and never blame him.

Sure, sometimes she feels guilty and anxious to have the opportunity to tell his wife “I love you”, but he never do it. The reason is, “It's okay, I'm sure tomorrow will tell.” He never had time to come to a birthday party her children, but she did not know that this will change on his children. The children began to stay away, and never really spend their time with her father.

One day, misfortune came when his wife died in an accident, his wife was hit by a run. When it happened, he was no meeting. He does not realize that it was a fatal accident, he only comes when she will be picked to death. Before he could say “I love you”, his wife had died. The man crushed his heart and tried to console himself through his children after the death of his wife.

But, she realized that her children never wanted to communicate with him. Soon, her children grown and develop their own family. No one cares about this old man, who in the past have never taken the time to them.

We started stooped, he moved into a nursing home is best, which provides very good service. She used the money originally saved for a wedding anniversary celebration to the 50th, 60th, and 70th. Initially the money would be used to go to Hawaii, New Zealand and other countries with his wife, but now uses to pay the cost of living in these nursing homes. From then until he died, there were only people

parents and nurses who cared for him. He now feels very lonely, feeling he had never felt before.

As he would die, he summoned a sister and told him, “Ah, I wish I realized this sooner ….” Then he slowly exhale the last, He died with tears welling.

What I want to try to tell you, that time never stops. You go ahead and forward, before you actually realize, you turned out to have advanced too far.

If you ever quarrel, make up soon!

If you feel you want to hear the voice of a friend, do not hesitate to call him immediately.

Last, but this is the most important, if you feel you want to say to someone that you love him/her, do not wait until too late. If you continue to think that another new day you'll tell him, this day would never come.

If you always think that tomorrow will come, so “tomorrow” will go so fast until you realize that time has left you.

It's Note also  for Mba Gadis (Beswan Djarum 2008/2009) which is already in place is best for her, close to Alloh”

We all Beswan Djarum Love you so Much mba Gadis……………………………….


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