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Based on D’True Story: When The Time Delayed

by on Aug.08, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

delayed-time1At one place, there lived a boy. He lives in a happy family, with parents and relatives. But, he always thought it was something normal. He continued to play, interfering with his sister and brother, making trouble for others is her favorite. When he realized his mistake and want to apologize, she would always say, “Nothing – what, tomorrow it could be.“.

You know friends?When a bit older, school is very fun for him. He learned, make friends, and very happy. However, he considers it reasonable – Only fair. All just fro that he considers all of it's natural. One day, she fights with her best friend. Although he knew it was wrong, but never took the initiative to apologize and mend fences with her best friend. The reason is, “Nothing – what, tomorrow it could be.”
When he was a little big, a good friend was not his friend anymore. Although he still saw his friend, but they never chided each other. But it's not a problem, because he felt still had plenty of other good friends.

After graduating, working to keep her busy. He met a woman who was very beautiful and good. This woman later became his wife. He was so busy with work, because he wanted to be promoted to the highest position in the shortest possible time. In his career, sometimes – sometimes she longs to meet friends – his old friend. But he never again contacted them, even over the phone. She always says, “Ah, I'm tired, I call them tomorrow.” It's not too distracting him because he had friends – fellow worker who was always willing to come out.

So, time passed, he completely forgot to call your friends – friends. After she married and had children, she worked harder to be a happy family. He never again buy flowers for his wife, or even to remember his wife's birthday and their wedding day. It does not matter to him, because he thought his wife was always understood him, and never blame him.

Sometimes – sometimes she feels guilty and anxious to have the opportunity to tell his wife “I love you”, but he never did. The reason is, “Nothing – what, I'm sure tomorrow will tell.” He never had time to come to a child's birthday party – her son, but he did not know that this will perpengaruh in children – her son. Child – the child begins to stay away, and never really – really spend their time with her father.

One day, misfortune came when his wife died in an accident, his wife was hit by a run. When it happened, he was a meeting at the office. He does not realize that it was a fatal accident, he only comes when she will be picked to death. Before he could say “I love you“, his wife had died. Man – his heart broken and trying to amuse themselves through child – her son after the death of his wife.
But, he realized that the boy – her son never wanted to communicate with him. Soon, kids – adults and children to build their families – each. No one cares about this old man, who in the past have never taken the time to them.

We started old, she moved into a nursing home is best, which provides very good service. She used the money originally saved for a wedding anniversary celebration to the 50th, 60th, and 70th. Initially the money would be used to go to Hawaii, New Zealand, and the State – another country with his wife, but now uses to pay the cost of living in these nursing homes. From then until he died, there are only people – parents and nurses who cared for him.

He now feels very lonely, feeling he had never felt before. When he wants to die, he summoned a nurse and said to him, “Ah, I wish I realized this sooner ….Then he slowly exhale the last, and she died with tears welling in.

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The Circulation of Electric Cigarette in INDONESIA

by on Aug.08, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

e-cigarettesAs we all know, electric cigarette or known by the dangers of e-cigarette with conventional cigarette in Indonesia have started circulating illegally. However, BPOM could not watch this product because the classification is not yet clear.

Nicotine Electronic Delivery System (ENDS) marketed under various names, including 'Electric cigarettes', 'ecigarro', 'electro-smoke', 'green CIG' and 'smartsmoker'.

This product is claimed to be an alternative for smokers who want to quit smoking. However, this product is basically as dangerous as conventional cigarettes, though no harm to others (there is no passive smokers).

Products manufactured in China for real already circulating in Indonesia is illegal manner. Although if you want to find a bit difficult. Products are usually marketed as 'door to door'.

“Because this product is illegal, then there is no guarantee of this product is healthy or not. And because it is illegal, then BPOM could not do surveillance,” said Dr. Danardi Sosrosumihardjo, Sp.KJ (K), the Director of Drugs Control Agency for Food and Drug Administration (BPOM ), in a media gathering at Kemenkes Building,.

According to Dr Danardi, there is no clear classification of these products, whether including cigarettes, product substitutions, medication or food, so until now, both BPOM and the Ministry of Health has not been able to oversee the circulation of this product.

In addition, for supervising ideally there should be two things, namely any of the content contained in these products and the producers who are responsible for its content. And these products do not have it both terms.

“Until now there has been no country that validate that this is an official product and is allowed to circulate. In some countries, including Indonesia, its circulation is still illegal,” explained Dr Danardi.

However, Dr Danardi confirmed that this product is as dangerous as conventional cigarettes, so that consumers are not fooled by the labels that use the word 'Health', as it turns out this is not a healthy product.

“Everywhere is still illegal, because no one has examined exactly, because every time conducted the research results are always different,” Dr Danardi said.

In some countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay have had a ban on cigarette sales and marketing of this electrically.

While in Indonesia, according to data BPOM, electric cigarette is starting to circulate, as in Makassar, Semarang, Lampung, Palembang and Surabaya.

It Proves to us that developing of Technology going to forward, if we see from the effectiveness This electric cigarettes is will be new way. Especially for Engineers to make new technology that can make easy for human being.

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Friends, Sugar Can Be Medicines. Do You Know it?

by on Aug.08, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

Do you like Sugar Friends? Of course yes, right? i do too.

As we Already Know for Reducing sugar consumption intensified recently campaigned related risks of obesity and diabetes are caused. But sugar is not always dangerous because the sugar can also be a drug.
The following are some of the benefits of sugar that could be drugs:
1. Healing the wounds
Zimbabwean society tradition teaches that sugar is a very effective disinfectant. Local people sprinkle with granulated sugar wound open, with the aim that the healing process faster.

Research in the UK has proved capable of pulling sugar fluid around the wound so it does not overgrown with bacteria. The effect was the same as salt, but not causing pains when sown.

2. Pain relief
A research published in the journal Pediatrics reveals sugar solution efficacy in relieving pain in infants during immunization injections received. Most babies are given to drink 1 / 4 cup of the solution did not cry when injected, due to less pain.

3. Soften rough skin
Sugar is a softener (exfoliant) for natural skin. To soften the damaged skin, use a recipe from The Groove Park Inn Resort & Spa in North Carolina below.

Combine 1 / 2 cup granulated sugar with 1 / 4 cup canola oil, add the three drops of lavender essential oil. Use as a scrub, sweep with a circular motion.

4. Keeping the flowers blooming longer
A little extra sugar on the water in the vase can enhance endurance cut flower arrangements. According to Rita Azar, owner of a flower shop in Los Angeles, one teaspoon of sugar is enough to make fresh flowers blooming longer.

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by on Jul.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

yoga-formYoga became one of
alternative options that sports has many benefits, so more and more
people take yoga classes.
One benefit of yoga is to
reduce allergies.

Every breathing, people
inhale particles such as dust, germs, smoke, feathers and pollutants
(all of which can cause allergies).
The nose serves as a
natural air filter, protecting the body from impurities.

Breathing is a core
element of yoga.
Breathe through your
nose, as is done in traditional Ayurvedic and yoga can provide a calming
effect on the body.

Among the self-healing
techniques, breath work with unique because breathing is the only way to
raise awareness, maintain and repair other body systems.

Heart rate, blood
pressure, circulation, digestion, hormone secretion and mental, and
emotional states can all be controlled, managed and cured through proper
breathing practices.

following the practice of yoga
breathing techniques that can reduce allergy:

   1. Inhale through your nose
with a full capability

2. Hold your breath

3. Take a breath a little
longer, and hold.
Repeat once more. This exercise will
improve the ability of the lungs and intercostal muscles (the muscles
between the lungs that helps breathing).

4. Hold for 10 count

5. Slowly exhale through
your nose, using your abdominal muscles to push a little air out.

For allergy sufferers,
after doing this breathing technique, should make cleaning the nose
(nasal rinsing).
This is to reduce the
fixed particles inhaled in the nose and sinuses, which can cause
irritation or allergy.

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3 Spiritual Infectious Diseases

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

deseasesCommon diseases known to man
transmitted infections are caused by viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. But there are also unwitting spiritual disease that can be transmitted to one another. Here's three spiritual disease that can be contagious.

As quoted from the HuffingtonPost, Sunday (6/20/2010) there is a disease that can be recognized as a contagious spiritual disease that is common, namely:

Imitation Spiritual
This condition is the tendency to talk, dress and berindak as one might imagine that on a spiritual person. So people with this condition are just trying to follow someone else.

Because spiritual experiences
In this disease, the individual ego is identified by the spiritual experiences they experienced. This condition can sometimes influence the thinking of others. In most cases this condition will not last forever, but sometimes lasts in the long term.

Ego Spiritual
This disease occurs when a person's personality structure and ego become so ingrained with a deep spiritual concepts. When the ego becomes spiritual, a person becomes unable to understand and all this in the name of spirituality.

Contagious spiritual disease is derived from one's ego and is a condition that deceives himself. Since most of these conditions do not come from him but because of the influence of the people or the environment around them.

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What The Difference Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

psicologyMany laymen mistakenly regarding psychologists and psychiatrists and assume they are the same as it involves mental problems. Actually, what distinguishes the two professions?

If you want it simple, short explanations like this, the psychiatrist can provide medication, while psychologists can not prescribe.

Meanwhile, if seen from a background in education, psychologists are psychology graduates who have participated in undergraduate academic programs (undergraduate psychology) and graduate school as a psychologist.

While psychiatrists are specialists who have completed undergraduate education degree (bachelor of medicine), education and the education profession as a medical specialist psychiatric unit.

As quoted from the Code of Conduct issued Himpsi Psychology (Psychologists Association of Indonesia), Monday (21/06/2010), psychologists and psychiatrists are equally deep psychological science and all things related to human development.

Both these professions also have the same concentration practices, such as handling, prevention, diagnose and provide therapy.

However, the most distinguishing here is in terms of drug therapy (pharmacotherapy). Drug therapy may only be performed by a psychiatrist, that in fact the medical backgrounds more involved in the clinical handling. While psychologists focus more on social aspects, such as providing treatment in the form of psychological therapy (psychotherapy).
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10 Factors That 90 Percent Reduce Stroke Risk

by on Jun.19, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

strokeThere are many risk factors that can trigger a stroke. However, a recent study classifies 10 risk factors which, if avoided may reduce the risk by 90 percent.

Quoted from Dailymail, the ten factors are identified when researchers from McMaster University studied 3000 patients with stroke. Lifestyle of the patients compared with 3,000 healthy people as control.

The results showed, the first five risk factors play a role in 80 percent of cases of stroke in patients. All five are high blood pressure, smoking, abdominal fat, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

When added 5 next factor, the risk of stroke increased to 90 percent. Five second factor is diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, stress or depression, heart problems and weak molecule apolipoprotein isebut ayng blood.

“With the discovery of the ten factors, interventions that target low blood pressure and smoking less, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can reduce stroke risk substantially,” said Dr Martin O'Donnell is involved in the study.

Stroke occurs when the brain deprived of oxygen. The most common type of ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood clots block blood flow to the brain. Can also be triggered by the outbreak of the blood vessels, causing bleeding in the brain (stroke hemoraghy).

Of all risk factors, high blood pressure is the most important factor, which causes a third of stroke cases. Compared with normal people, people with high blood pressure 2.5 times greater risk of stroke.

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BROWN EYES More Character Compared Than BLUE EYES

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

eyes1Dominance of a person in a group is associated with eye color, especially in men. The man with brown eyes tend to be more influential than men with blue eyes, although its cause is not with the eyes.

Quoted from MSNBC,  this trend was revealed when the experts in the Czech Republic conducted a study on 62 people. Participants were asked to rank the 80 photos of men and women, related to the observed dominance impression of his face.

Eye color in these photos had been modified at random by the program Photoshop. Images that previously have blue eyes changed to brown or another color, and vice versa.

When compared, the most dominant impression was found by participants in a brown eyed man in the photo although his eye color has changed to other color. This trend does not occur on the image of women.

This proves, despite the tendencies associated with eye color, but its cause lies not in the eye. Some speculation then spreads to explain it.

The first allegation, eye color have a relationship with a face so his impression remains the same even though eye color changed. Brown-eyed men generally have a wide chin and mouth, nose, bigger, closer distance of both eyes wide and eyebrows.

“This finding is very surprising, totally unexpected. It should be investigated further, what eye color connection with face shape,” said Benedict Jones of the University of Aberdeen who are involved in such research.

The next alleged unequal treatment in childhood. Perhaps because of the cute, boy with blue eyes tend to be much longer treated as a child than brown-eyed peers.

blue-eyesThis conjecture is strengthened by the results of previous research. Boys in blue-eyed preschoolers more likely to say they have problems than brown-eyed, although the trend was lost with age.

The next speculation trying to combine both the above allegations. Underdevelopment experienced by blue-eyed man in childhood causes hormonal differences in growth, so that gives specificity to the face shape.

Whatever the cause, researchers believe that the new blue eyes known between 6000 to 10,000 years ago. Prior to the mutation which reduces the production of brown pigment in the iris, everyone has brown eyes.

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Human Brain Always Looking Over His Body Width

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

mirrorAlthough the reality was very thin, every woman must have looked in the mirror and then anxiously, “Do I look fat?”. Do not rush to say it Feminisme, because the human brain is the body's own see 69 percent wider than the actual size.

Quoted from the Telegraph, this phenomenon is revealed in research conducted by scientists at University College London. Believed, these findings can explain the causes of eating disorders like anorexia.

In that study, 18 volunteers were asked to invert the palm of his hand and then closed with a board. Then, from behind the boards that the volunteers were asked to estimate the location of 10 points and sections of the fingertips and then show it with the pointer.

The points shown were then compared with actual hand shapes and sizes. It turned out that these estimates form the size of 69 percent wider than the original. Similarly, long fingers, the volunteers estimated 27.9 percent on average shorter than the original.

Dr Matthew Longo who led the study said, estimating the error occurs in the subconscious and involve parts of the brain that perceives sizes. These sections make someone aware of the location of the body even with my eyes closed.

“Someone certainly recognize parts of his body, proved to be one of the volunteers did not recognize her own image even if made in various sizes. But in estimating the position, it does not apply,” Dr Longo.

This effect becomes very visible in women, who tend to be sensitive to body size in certain parts such as stomach and hips. Experts peyakini this is closely related to anorexia.

“We know that patients with anorexia nervousa also experience disturbances in body imaging. They may feel fat, even though the reality was very thin,” said Susan Ringwood from the Beat, a charity for anorexia.

Ringwood assess these findings could explain the conditions experienced by patients with anorexia are more rational. Feeling that her body is more fat is not simply a form of anxiety, but rather triggered by the natural perception in the brain.

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Higher Education Can Prevent SENILE

by on Jun.04, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

pikun1Symptoms of dementia such as memory loss will be reduced in people who take higher education. Spending the time to read, explore and prepare for the exam book has physical benefits when old.

This study strengthens previous research has shown that higher education can help provide protection or against end-stage symptoms of an illness on the person.

In conducting this study, researchers from the University of Gothenburg analyze spinal fluid in patients to examine whether there were signs of dementia in the brain.

“We wanted to investigate how education can have an impact on a disease or the early stages of dementia. Based on this study, patients with higher education levels, able to tolerate more disease in the brain and prevent dementia,” said Dr. Sindre Rolstad, a psychologist Sweden, as quoted from Dailymail.

The study also found high-educated patients who have no risk of dementia showed signs of a better neural function in the brain, compared with lower educated people.

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