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Nerve Disease Migraine Apparently Derivatives

by on May.14, 2010, under International Issues

sarafIn Cambridge, people first learned about migraine from the time of 1500 BC (BCE). The headaches are commonly experienced, but few understand it. And the fact that migraine is a disease carried since birth and is derived from the parent.

Although migraine is not life threatening, but the headaches this is a disease classified as severe and many people do not know.

“In fact, migraine is a complex neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and is accompanied by physical symptoms and emotional,” said Dr. Carolyn Bernstein, neurologists from Cambridge Health Alliance-Cambridge Campus, as reported from Dailymail .

Dr. Bernstein himself attracted to specialize neurology because it is also often experienced a migraine since the age of 20 years. According to him, not many people know about the causes of migraine disease and how to overcome them. So that specialization is quite attractive.

And in his book entitled 'The Migraine Brain', Dr. Bernstein explains that migraine is caused by brain abnormalities.

Migraine is not a result of mental health problems or signs of hypochondria (health phobia or worry too much with a serious illness), or patient error.

Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder from birth, and in many cases the disease is inherited from both parents.

Migraine is derived from the mother

The surprise was one of five women and one of 20 men in the UK has been suffering from migraine. Migraine is the ninth leading cause of disability in the world, and is more common than diabetes or asthma.

Research shows that between 70 to 80 percent suffer from migraines have a family history of migraine also suffered, especially of maternal factors.

Because this disease is caused by a genetic condition, then there is no drug that can actually cure the disease. Existing medications can only reduce and minimize the symptoms caused.

According to Dr. Bernstein, who has no experience or history of migraine an exact match. This can lead to very difficult to compare the trigger migraines experienced by a person to another.

There is a myth that says that migraine sufferers should avoid chocolate and foods with MSG. This is not entirely correct. For some people this might be kind of food can be a migraine trigger, but this did not apply for all people who suffer from migraine.

Every person has different triggers. Migraine triggers may be from red wine, weather changes, lack of sleep or the stinging smell of perfume.

The trigger is not only disrupt the brain, but also interferes with the work, because it triggers biochemical chain reactions that can cause some symptoms.

Unlike a regular headache, migraine also involves an entirely different experience and almost always include some reactions and physical symptoms.

85 percent of migraine patients experience continuous throbbing head, the pain is felt with every beat of heart, like a knife who stabbed repeatedly in the head.

For years, doctors thought that migraine is caused by vasodilation, ie widening of blood vessels in the brain and suppress the structure-sensitive to pain.

True, for many patients with migraine, headache is one of the symptoms that accompany migraine. But the migraine itself almost never just a pain in the head, there are other symptoms that accompany it.

Migraine symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, numbness or odd sensations in the skin, changes in vision, hunger, speech slurred, his eyes red and excessive crying. These symptoms are very diverse and complex.

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The Effects of Divorce On Family Life

by on Mar.20, 2010, under International Issues

There is no Family who want to be unharmonious. All of Families would like to be peace and harmonious, and to be prosperious. Unfortunately, some of families, because of either economic factor or socio-cultural background divorced. If one the family, for example has two or three sons it will influences their attitude and behavior. Some of them might become stress, or have psychological problems. In a special case, there are some sons/douthers of divoced family can decide by themselves, and choose the best alternative solution to be survive with their talents and capabilities.


The other effects of divorced familes, not only widowers but also divorcements, some of them can solve easily their problems without giving more influences to the members of family and neighborhood environment where their live. But on the other hand, some of them tried to move out from their own family and neighborhood environment, because they felt ashamed to other people who stayed around them. So that, we have to encourage ourselves and love each other between one and others (member of family) for sustaining the good family life.

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What is The real Meaning Of Maturity?

by on Mar.20, 2010, under International Issues

Have you ever known that most of us still didn’t know what the maturity is? In this era, we can still see so many kinds of immaturity. The immature have excuse for everything. Like egoistic, cheated our partners, dishonest, avoid when we made mistakes, selfish, chronically tardy, the no-shows, procrastinator, and so on. To know what a mature person is, we can’t judged only by how old the person is. It is not a shocking views if we still saw an adult person shows their immaturity. There are some ways to define what the real meaning of maturity is. A person may be chronologically and intellectually mature, but emotionally immature. Ann Lander, by her own words, made some definitions of maturity, one of the definitions, maturity is the ability to control anger and settle differences without violations or destructions. And according to me, maturity is a person who have attitude, able to lead like a great leader supposed to be, and shows their responsibility no matter how old they are. They should behave unselfishness, and always try to responding to the needs of other.


To describing a mature person, we must pay attention on that person’s behavior. To be mature means to act spontaneously in occasions or situations, free from preconceived notions and the compulsion to be perfect or correct. Maturity can be seen by the way they face a problem and think what they’ve supposed to do to solve their problem. It is seems easy to become a mature person, as the matter of fact, it is not easy at all. We need some patience, willingness, and courage to become a mature person. For example, when we were elected to lead an organization, and we made a mistake, as a good leader, we must confess it, we must able to say, “I’ve made a mistake” and also able to say “I am sorry” and then try to figure out the best way to solve the problem that have just made. Beside that, throw out our selfishness in order to responding or to share with the needs of other is another meaning of maturity. For instance, in our family, we ask to our parents that we want to buy something that very crucial, especially for our study in university, but in the same time, our little sister ask for school. In this condition, as a mature brother or sister, we will wholeheartedly to give way for our sister’s best first.


Although a person is an adult, it’s no guarantee that she/he is mature enough. Being a mature person is not as simple as we though. We must have a very strong willingness, patience, and courage. Beside that, we also must have integrity, and for you see to be mature does not necessarily mean just to be a fully grown individual. But, as long as there is a will, so there will a way. Being mature won’t so loss at all, on the other hand, it’s so good to be mature, especially in younger age. There will be so many benefits if we become a mature person, we wouldn’t scared to face the future. And also we will become a better person.

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AS & Prancis Desak Adanya Sanksi Baru PBB Terhadap Iran

by on Feb.09, 2010, under International Issues

Paris – Pemerintah Amerika Serikat (AS) dan Prancis akan mendesak dikeluarkannya sanksi-sanksi baru PBB yang lebih keras terhadap Iran. Hal ini dilakukan setelah Presiden Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad memerintahkan badan energi atom Iran untuk memulai proses pengayaan uranium.

Presiden Prancis Nicolas Sarkozy dan Menteri Pertahanan AS Robert Gates dalam pembicaraan mereka setuju bahwa sanksi-sanksi baru yang lebih keras harus diberikan terhadap Iran. Demikian disampaikan pejabat kepresidenan Prancis seperti dilansir kantor berita AFP, Selasa (9/2/2010).

“Mr Sarkozy dan Mr Gates setuju bahwa telah tiba waktunya bagi adopsi sanksi keras, dengan harapan dialog akan dilanjutkan,” kata pejabat kepresidenan Prancis seusai pertemuan antara Sarkozy dan Gates.

Menurut Gates, jika Iran sampai mengembangkan senjata nuklir, hal itu akan menjadi bahaya besar.

“Kita harus menghadapi kenyataan bahwa jika Iran meneruskan dan mengembangkan senjata nuklir, itu hampir pasti akan memicu proliferasi nuklir di Timur Tengah. Ini bahaya besar,” tegas Gates.

Presiden Ahmadinejad telah mengumumkan akan memulai proses pengayaan uranium pada Selasa, 9 Februari waktu setempat. Padahal selama ini AS dan Eropa terus mendesak Iran untuk tidak melakukan proses tersebut.

Negara-negara Barat mengkhawatirkan Iran diam-diam berupaya mengembangkan senjata nuklir lewat program nuklir yang dijalankannya. Namun Iran bersikeras bahwa program nuklirnya untuk tujuan damai, yakni sebagai pembangkit energi.


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