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‘SECRET’ Compounds of Perfume Can Ruin Sperm

by on May.27, 2010, under Information Lifestyles

perfumeCologne and perfume many people use to make the body fragrant. But a study shows the materials 'secrets' that can give a special flavor to the cologne it can damage sperm.

Researchers analyzed the chemical composition of 17 types of perfume and cologne. From this study found that many products that use specific ingredients to scent contains compounds that have the potential to interact with the hormone. But the materials are not included in the label.

One of the chemical diethyl phthalates were found in 12 products and associated with damage to the sperm that can reduce fertility someone.

In the Harvard study in 2006 known about the dangers of diethyl phthalate (DEP) on the sperm. It also found that DEP is one of the compounds that can disrupt hormones.

Based on this research, exemplified in Giorgio Armani's Acqua Gio containing seven compounds that can interact with estrogen (female hormones), androgens (male hormones) or both. This research was conducted by a consumer advocacy nonprofit Environmental Working Group.

“We do not know how the dangers of repeated use of cologne or perfume, because the emphasis in this industry who do not test the long term,” said researcher Dr Olga V. Naidenko, as quoted from AOLHealth.

Dr. Naidenko said the use of which is rarely possible to show good results just fine. But because these chemicals contained in many products, there is the possibility from time to time will accumulate and have a bad effect in the body.

This study aimed to determine how many chemicals are in use in cologne, but not listed on the label. Cologne and perfume are tested randomly selected.

Scents from American Eagle Outfitters, known as AE77 has the most chemicals not listed on the label that is about 24 compounds, followed by Coco Channel with 18 secret chemicals. The Dolce and Gabbana Light while Blue has at least a secret chemical compound which is only seven.

DEP compounds used as solvents and creates a special smell in the production of this fragrance is one ingredient that is not listed, but that does not mean this compound is not harmful.

In this study also explains that galaxolide and tonalide compounds can cause interference with the hormones estrogen and androgen.

“We want to encourage more stringent regulations regarding this fragrance products, one must include all materials used on the label. Because people should know what happened or what the incoming material in its body,” says Dr. Naidenko.

Dr. Naidenko further added that the materials used must be thoroughly tested to determine its safety. This is to minimize the risk of danger that might arise.

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Health Research Association of Communicable Diseases 2010 in Polar 2

by on May.08, 2010, under Indonesian Issues 2010

diseaseIn Jakarta, the Ministry of Health will return to Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) 2010. In researching this time will take precedence biomedical research two infectious diseases of malaria and tuberculosis (TB).

Research results will be reported in Summit (Summit) in New York, 20-22 September 2010. In the summit, about 189 heads of state will evaluate the progress achieved from the objectives of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Evaluation is based apda data available since 1990 until now.

“The purpose of this research is to complement the data that are not yet available in the year 2010, making it much simpler than Riskesdas 2007,” said Dr. dr Trihono Msc, in a press conference at the office Kemenkes, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta.

If representation Riskesdas 2007 to reach the national level to district, this year only to the provincial level.

The number of sample households that were involved in this research only 70 thousand, while in 2007 reached 280 thousand. The number of block samples also decreased from 1800 to 2007 to 2800 in 2010.

Data was collected through interviews, measurement and laboratory examination. Smaller in scope, focusing on indicators relating to the eight MDG goals.
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Increasing Human Resources In Indonesia Through Information And Communication Technology With The Use of Various Applications on The Internet

by on May.04, 2010, under Information Technology

Along with the development of Information and Communication Technology which has grown  significantly, from these things start popping up various jargon beginning with E, ranging from e-commerce, e-books, e-learning, e-laboratory,mind-of-technology e-education, eLibrary, and so forth. The prefix e-means implicitly understood electronics technology based on digital electronics.

E-book (Electronic Book) is one that utilizes computer technology to display multimedia information in a concise and dynamic. In addition, an e-book can be integrated with a variety of impressions, such as:
? sound,
? graphs,
? image
? animation, and
? movie
so the information is presented more in terms of interface and minimalist, as compared with conventional books because the e-book is the displacement of conventional book into electronic form that can be displayed by the computer. With this technology, of course, hundreds of books can be stored in one CD only.
e-learning is a teaching model utilizing electronic technology as a means of presenting and distributing information. In the definition is covered by radio and television broadcasts of education as one form of e-learning. Although by definition radio and television education is one form of e-learning, is generally agreed that e-learning reaches its peak form after synergize with internet technology. Internet-based learning or web-based learning in its simplest form is a web-site that used to present learning materials. This allows learners to access learning resources provided by resource persons or facilitators whenever desired. If needed, can also provide a special mailing-list for the learning site which serves as a forum for discussion, or with a Video Conference which is currently widely used some school or university to conduct direct instruction (Online) with schools or universities abroad.


3. E-zine
E-zine that comes from the word e-magazine, is a digital form of conventional magazines. Magazine publishing digital format allows suppressed production costs (because they do not need to print) and distribution (for once uploaded to the server, the whole world can access it). Updated content can also be done very quickly so that the latest developments can be served faster. Included in this category is the e-zine e-newspaper that focuses on the latest news and e-journal that focuses on reporting research results.

E-laboratory represents a digital form of facilities and laboratory processes can be simulated digitally. Basically, this software is the animation and simulation software that can be packaged in a CD, DVD and presented in this web-site as a web-based applications (software that runs on Internet network).


Blogs or weblogs are the latest developments in the field of web-based applications. The idea originally started by providing an electronic diary (electronic diaries) for adolescents. Users (Users) can fill in the diary as easy as writing an email, upload (upload) to the server simply by clicking on the icon, and the result is the impression the writing on the browser screen. Internet users in Indonesia and abroad can view these publications by accessing a website address easily and quickly, for example:
• http://blog.djarumbeasiswaplus.org/yusranadhityakurniawan/
• http://yusran.blog.unsoed.ac.id
• http://freeofmp3.blogspot.com
• http://yusran-kurniawan.blog.friendster.com
Dilihjat content in terms of its content, is currently a blog containing a lot of ideas, ideas, and personal opinions about an interesting issue subjectively. Although the accuracy of the information presented is debatable, but most of all blogs allow someone who does not have a web-site design knowledge can easily create a personal web-site and manage and update content very easily and with a short time.
Besides the ease of availability of many other free blog servers. In the context of their utilization for the learning process, the content of the blog content of learners, for example, can be feedback to the facilitators and indirectly can be Jurnalist because it can provide any information to the community with language and thought to himself.

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New Technology To Give Internet Advertising a Boost

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Information Technology

internet_1Scientists at the University of Toronto have developed a new technology that promises to give a boost to Internet advertising.

Placing Internet ads on websites easier and more profitable in the future as the latest technology allows ads to be resized to fit any available website space.

Internet ads are currently only available in three or four specific sizes, meaning websites must be designed around the ads. The size restrictions greatly limit ad placement options and affect the way ads look on devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

However, the new technology, developed by UofT Electrical and Computer Engineering associate professor Parham Aarabi, enables ads to be resized automatically to conform to any web space.

“Currently, a significant portion of usable website spaces are not used for advertising because the standard size ads don't fit,” said Aarabi.

“Our technology is the first ever to conform ads to any available website space in an automated and practical way. Essentially, advertisers provide a single ad at a preset size, and our technology can, automatically and dynamically, regenerate the ad at any size, resolution, or aspect ratio by taking into account the contents of the ad, relevant text, and other information,” Aarabi added.

He added that the technology would translate into profit because formerly wasted web space can be used for advertising.

“Given an online advertising market worth billions of dollars, this technology could significantly increase revenues for publishers, and create new opportunities for advertisers,” Aarabi said.The concept will be presented at the World Wide Web 2010 Conference in late April in Raleigh, North Carolina.

source: http:///news.oneindia.in

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