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New Wafer Technology Points Towards Realization of Diamond Electronic Devices

by on Mar.26, 2010, under Information Technology

Nanowerk News) Researchers in Japan have developed a technology for manufacturing inch-size large-area wafers of single crystal diamond.
Wafer TekhnologySince diamond has excellent properties including high hardness, high thermal conductivity, high transmittance in a wide wavelength region, a wide band gap, and chemical stability, they have possible applications in semiconductor devices, electron-emitting devices, and biosensors, as well as in tools and optical parts. Among the applications of diamonds in electronics, diamond power devices which would surpass silicon or silicon carbide power devices are expected. Applications of diamond power devices in control modules for electric cars and industrial equipment may lead to considerable energy saving. However, the technology for manufacturing inch-size wafers of single crystal diamond is indispensable for the application of diamond devices in electronics.
Earlier, AIST developed the technology for synthesizing large single crystals of diamond and successfully synthesized a 10-mm2 wafer. This was enabled by the establishment of the “Direct Wafer-making technique,” by which laminar single crystals and seed crystals of diamond can be separated. This technology is expected to enable low-cost production of unprecedentedly large single crystals.
AIST has produced several laminae of diamond single crystals with uniform properties by adopting the Direct Wafer-making technique, and bonded these laminae together to obtain a large-area wafer. We established the bonding technology to achieve a better bonding than that achieved by adopting the conventional technologies and applied our bonding technology to successfully produce single crystal diamond wafers with a large area of approximately 1 inch2 (Photo 1).
The results of this research will be presented at the 57th Spring Meeting, 2010, of the Japan Society of Applied Physics to be held at Shonan Campus, Tokai University on March 17–20, 2010.
One-inch-size mosaic large-area wafers of single crystal diamond
Photo 1 : One-inch-size mosaic large-area wafers of single crystal diamond.
Social Background for Research
Since diamond has various useful properties such as high hardness, high thermal conductivity, high transmittance in a wide wavelength region, low dielectric constant, and chemical stability, the applications of diamond in various devices are anticipated. There are particularly high expectations for realizing the applications of diamond in semiconductors. Production of inch-size single crystal wafers is necessary for the practical application of diamond to semiconductors, in order to utilize semiconductor production processes.
Single crystals of natural diamond that have sizes of several millimeters or more are very rare, and it is almost impossible to increase crystal size to the order of an inch during a synthesis under ultrahigh pressure. Several attempts have been made to grow diamonds by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) because there are relatively few restrictions involved in this method; however, crystal growth cannot be easily maintained over a long period, and the technology for the mass production of large-area wafers of single crystal diamond has not yet been realized.

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