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I Want You to Visit My Country
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Actually I won’t write this story in English, but I think maybe there are some blog walkers read my promotional story, so here they are:

Indonesia is the largest archipelago

Indonesia is a place where hundred ethnics blend together

Indonesia is a scenery which shows you a heaven

Indonesia is my beautiful country you ought to know…

In 2008, Indonesia held a big promotional tourism event called Visit Indonesia Year 2008: celebrating 100 years of national awakening. This event is so special because the last Indonesian tourism promotional event was VIY 1991, 17 years passed since 2008! yeah, Indonesia in millennium era was ‘broken’ because of many kinds of problems in economics, politics, and it destroyed some schedule of development. Even the target of amount of visitors in 2008 didn’t reached but VIY 2008 increased the amount of tourists rather than 2007 which was 6.2 million visitors. In 2011, Indonesian branding for tourism is updated by new branding: Wonderful Indonesia. Total visitors had reached 7.6 million noted by Indonesia Statistic Board. This trend will be increasing more and more (hopefully) if we could promote actively and improve our infrastructure. Yes we can!

My Interview with Dutch Tourists at Keraton Solo

My Interview with Dutch Tourists at Keraton Solo

FYI, if you haven’t known yet what Indonesia is and where it is, Indonesia is located between Asia and Australia. even you look Indonesia from big scale map, you exactly will see Indonesia. Will u try it? :) The capitol of Indonesia is Jakarta, the modern and metropolitan city in Indonesia. Jakarta has a lot of high-rise building, shopping center, amusement park, and modern attraction as the characteristic of metropolitan.

Okay, now I want to share you about this archipelago. Indonesia has a lot of tourism objects. I recommend tourism objects you can name them ‘international certificated’ . they are Bali, Borobudur, and Bunaken.

Bali is the most famous destination of tourists around the world! This island is so exotic and ‘warm’. Since several decades ago, Bali is the nation hope of tourism. From teenagers until retire-men (who want to enjoy their retired time), Bali is a paradise! You can do surfing on big wave, enjoy its beach, sleeping in beautiful cottage, shopping, or so far you can study its traditional culture which is still exist nowadays. Bali is everlasting beauty of Indonesia.

Bali, The Island of God

Bali, The Island of God

Now I will explain you about Borobudur. It is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. It’s located in Central Java or local people named it Jawa Tengah. It was built by Samaratungga thousands years ago. Borobudur get the award from UN as the world heritage. The uniqueness is it just built only by stone!

Borobudur Temple, World's Biggest Stone Temple Manmade

Borobudur Temple, World's Biggest Stone Temple Man-made

Bunaken. It is the finest diving area which contains a lot of beautiful corals. International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) has certified Bunaken 97%-pure of water purity. Its promotional advertisement in cyber has named it THE GREAT WALL OF THE WORLD. no! China is the one! wait a minute… China has a man-made wall and Bunaken has an earth natural wall inside the sea. so it’s different. :)

Bunaken, Believe in Underwater!

Bunaken, Believe in Underwater!

If you want to visit Indonesia, it would a good time. It has 2 international gates. You can come to Jakarta, as the capital city, or Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali. And from those 2 cities, you can continue your trip by land, sea, or on air. Indonesia has a lot of flight carriers that certified to be safe. Indonesia national public flight carrier , Garuda Indonesia, is the top of the safest ranking of flight in Indonesia and rarely get accident (this is not advertisement, just sharing information :P).

What about the cost? The price in Indonesia relatively cheap and interesting. It will be the best choice for you to make a trip in a global crisis today.

you can click on Indonesia Tourism Official Site for more info.

so, what are you waiting for? It’s time to visit Indonesia. we welcome you with smile and will give you our best service. Indonesia, the ultimate in diversity…

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  1. fuadhasan says:

    aku mbok diajari nulis inggris zull,, haha

  2. Zulfika Satria says:

    hahaha ini aja cuma latihan. grammarnya acak adut. Cuma berani nyoba2 aja, salah ben :P

  3. Andrey says:

    Aq g ngerti apa ini tapi yang aku tau, aku suka sama fotonya…hehehe….

  4. Zulfika Satria says:

    Intinya sih cuma promosi dengan bahasa Inggris acakadut ttg Pariwisata Indonesia hehehe makasih ya commentnya :)

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